Thursday, March 31, 2005

Freud would probably tell me to go with the covered casserole

Today I got a wedding invite from a first cousin on my mom's side from Louisiana. Let me just give you some background information: She's 20 years old, never been married, and she's got two kids - one from this man and one from somebody else.

Oh my. Now I've gone and stereotyped her. Did I mention she was raised in Louisiana? I wish I knew whether or not she finished high school.

What I do know, is that her parents "Request the honor of my presents"

SWEAR. TO. GOD. My scanner's not hooked up or I'd show you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Did you see LOST?

The last 5 minutes of the show our stupid local station cut in for a severe thunderstorm warning for Mississippi County Arkansas. SHIT.

When it came back, Locke was in a hospital room, and his mom was there. The bed next to him was empty. He jerked out the IV and drove to his dad's, but he wouldn't see him. What's up?

I assume he donated his kidney to the dad?

Was it really his dad? Was it some kind of scam to get an old man a kidney? I think I missed the pertinent parts.

Fill me in.

Name dropping

OK, answer me this: Would you go see a movie that had in it ALL of these people:

Jessica Alba
Alexis Bledel
Rosario Dawson
Benicio Del Toro
Michael Clarke Duncan
Josh Hartnett
Rutger Hauer
Brittany Murphy
Clive Owen
Mickey Rourke
Bruce Willis
Elijah Wood

Granted they're not all A-list actors but holy shit! that's a lot of names. I'm a celeb watcher and I typically only recognize three, MAYBE four? names in a movie.

Now, would you go see it if I told you it's the new movie Sin City?

ABCs of Meme

Big Daddy's been traveling and my boss has been harassing me and I just haven't had the time or the creativity to post much. So I hawked this from Karmagirl. I'm so apathetic I even stole her post title.

Accent: certainly NOT southern
Bra Size: 34D
Chore I hate: taking out the trash. gross.
Dad's name: Richard
Essential make-up: Laura Mercier concealer
Favorite perfume: don't have one. Someone send me some.
Gold or Silver: silver
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
Interesting fact: I can't stand for anything to touch my kneecaps
Job title: Communications Liaison
Kids: 1 boy, age 11
Living arrangements: Big Daddy & My Kid, 2 dogs, own home, suburbs
Mom's birthplace: Shelbyville, Tenn.
Number of apples eaten in last week: 3? or 4 maybe?
Overnight hospital stays: once when My Kid was born, once in jr. high
Phobia: RATS. And my teeth breaking off
Question you ask yourself a lot: "What the fuck??"
Religious affiliation: none
Siblings: older sister, younger brother
Time I wake up: 5:50 a.m.
Unnatural hair color: blonde
Vegetable I refuse to eat: beets
Worst habit: drunk dialing
X-rays: spine, feet, chest, teeth, mamogram
Yummy food I make: oatmeal scotchies cookies
Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday Revelations

Number 1:
No route exists that can get me from my house to Kroger on Sunday morning without getting caught up in church traffic.

Number 2:
The joke about "No one's here but us heathens" doesn't go over very big when the boy is more than likely, even as he bags your groceries, saying a prayer of repentence to the Lord that he will be forgiven for working rather than attending church on the day that His Son rose from the dead and will only serve to have your groceries bagged in a completely illogical way and you will be carrying them to the car yourself even though it's raining because that's what kind of red state you live in.

Living with a pre-teen boy

Last week, the entire sixth grade at My Kid's school, which has been studying Ancient Greece, went to eat an authentic Greek meal at one of the nicer restaurants in town. They requested that the kids dress nicely - no jeans, shirts with collars. The night before the field trip, My Kid tells me that none of his dress shirts still fit him (of course!) and we have to run out to Macy*s and buy him a new shirt. He got a nice lime green-colored one with blue stripes in it.

So this morning, I get up, and My Kid has on this new shirt. And I'm all, "Why are you wearing your new shirt?" and he's all, "Well it's dirty anyway." And I start giving him all the reasons why he shouldn't be wearing a brand new shirt on a weekend day when it can get a) stained or b) torn or c) god knows what else. And he argues with me and has an answer for everything I say to him. So finally I'm like, "JUST CHANGE THE FUCKING SHIRT."

So he comes out with his soccer uniform shirt on instead.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Last night I dreamed

...that my PR department at work won a big PR award for some work we did with another charity. And we had to drive down to Philadelphia, Miss. to give them their statuette. When we got there, it turned out to be "Panhandler's Central," the charity that Mac works for up in Phila...err...wait. Mac? You're here? In Philadelphia MISSISSIPPI?? So the whole city of Philadelphia, the not driving, the taking the train, the weekends in NYC, it's all a ruse? You're really right down here? Well I'll be darned.

Possible interpretation: My daily life has gotten way too wrapped up in blogs.

Hey, folks!

Is it really twisted that I think this blog is funny?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

How I embarrassed myself today

I'm not the only one that got a new cube this week. Several new groundhog homes were put up on my side of the floor and lots of people shifted around to new spots. Including my friend An, who moved from the cube on the aisle to the one by the windows which I keep forgetting and as a result just stuck my head over the cube of the new web developer and told her that I'm leaving early to get my bikini wax.

Two Manicured Thumbs UP

I'm going to tell you of a delightful movie that you should definitely rent or grab on pay-per-view or add to your netflix cue as appropriate. We all watched it and were completely charmed by it.

It's Danny Deckchair, about an Australian who becomes disenchanted with his life and his girlfriend so he sails away on a lawn chair tied with helium balloons. A storm blows him far, far away to a place where he lands and creates a whole new life for himself.

You'll love it. Seriously.

Your personal shopper has been out finding great Spring deals for you! Because OF COURSE we all want this great D&G bag, but $1,075? Really. Would that we all could have it.

So I found this great substitute! $45 online but I found it last night (in white even!) for $35 at Macy*s.

Go nuts.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I am in such a pissy mood this morning. And I don't even know why exactly. Everything is just pissing me off.

It started with the driver I ended up behind on Walnut Grove on the way in this morning. And I swear, I try not to write about horrible drivers because 1) every city has them, and 2) every city thinks theirs are THE WORST, and 3) I could easily get into the dreary habit of bitching about Memphis drivers every. freaking. day.

But this woman in front of me this morning, in the Reliant fucking K car? With the horrible bleach blonde hair in monochromatic yellow? God! She was driving me to complete road rage!

So here's a hint: when you're driving in stop-and-go traffic like that? need to leave the two-and-a-half car lengths between you and the car in front of you for safety. You're not going that fast. That space is to give you room to stop. You don't need it when you're creeping along at 3 mph. And that big space that you're leaving? IT JUST INVITES MORE CARS TO GET IN FRONT OF YOU. LIKE THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CARS IN FRONT OF US ALREADY!!

Holy shit. I should feel better now. But I don't.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A little obsessed with shoes?

This is one of the Stuart Weitzman ads on my office wall. If you can't see it, the chocolate chips are in the shape of high-heeled pumps.

My new home

Check it out. I'm back online. And yeah, it's still a cube, and there's no door and no window, BUT...I think it's actually BIGGER than my old office. and the walls are about 6 feet I guess - so there's no peeking over them like prarie dogs. And these tall walls go all the way around with just a doorway opening. I was thinking of maybe hanging up some love beads there.

I spent all day yesterday without an office, phone or computer. I brought a book to keep me occupied. I'm reading Steinbeck's East of Eden. It's 600 pages which I figured I might need if this construction thing went on too long. I read all day yesterday and a couple hours this morning until they told me that I could move back in. And then I cleaned everything down with 409 (cause you don't really know where these workmen have been...) and then I scored one of those little push-vacuums and cleaned up the carpet a bit, all the while catching the pointy toes of my Prada pumps on my floor mat which is no longer laying flat after the move.

I got all my photos put out, my lamp plugged in, my clock/radio/CD player hooked up, my plants out and my Stuart Weitzman shoe ads up (yeah, not Ferragamo...what was I thinking?). My friend Mary gave me a TV/VCR that she doesn't use. They brought my computer back and hooked up my phone once more and I am back in business.

Friday, March 18, 2005



My mind is an empty as my cube

And that's pretty bare. Monday morning they're coming to build me a "Director's cube." Because I lost my office to the new departmental director. And they stuck me temporarily in a "Manager's cube." Which is only slightly larger than a regular cube. But Monday they're building me a BIG cube with full walls that is practically an office. Without a door. It's a stand-in because there aren't as many offices in the building as there are directors. So today I packed up everything in my temporary Mangaer's cube. All that's left is:

two bottles of water
my phone
my blackberry which is plugged into my PC charging
my lamp
2 pens and a sharpie

That's it. And lots of boxes that are too heavy for me to move. And I'm sitting here wishing I had something to post about today. But my head is as empty as my cube. And that's pretty bare.

Here's a list of things I did this week:

  • Roasted a whole chicken
  • Kept a secret about responsibility shifts at the Vice Presidential level even when a Senior Director pumped me for information
  • Sat in the parking lot of a cyber cafe for an entire hour with My Kid waiting for his friends to show up
  • Wrote two PSA scripts for the cast of "7th Heaven"
  • Changed my network password to a new shoe designer
  • Spent my contact money on new shoes so now I'll be wearing glasses for a while
  • Lost my black leather gloves that I love that someone brought me back as a gift from Russia last year
  • Broke my washing machine
  • Picked up a new pair of pants from the alterations shop after completely spacing that I'd even bought them until I stumbled across the receipt in my room quite by accident.
  • Drank a Starbucks coffee for lunch
  • Cleaned out my spice cabinet
  • Accepted a gift of a black leather jacket from a man who is not my husband
  • Admitted for the first time that I have not once been sick all winter, even though I probably jinxed myself by saying so
  • Exfoliated my thighs and ass with coffee grounds
  • Forgot to do my friend's homework for her after I told her I would and probably caused her to get a failing grade
  • Wore open-toed shoes for the first time this season
  • Cancelled my Blue Mountain e-card subscription service

Things I plan to do next week:

  • Get a mani, pedi & bikini wax
  • Make up that homework thing to my friend
  • Find my gloves
  • Look at NSFW web sites in my new cube where people can no longer walk by and see my screen
  • Rent Gilmore Girls DVDs to watch at lunchtime on my PC that I JUST NOTICED HAS A DVD ROM!!!
  • Buy Big Daddy a fluffy new bed pillow
  • Check into that daffodil bulb delivery service MamaKaren told me about
  • But some little round magnets so I can hang up all my Ferragamo shoe ads on my new magnetic cube walls

Thursday, March 17, 2005

I called another one

Attention all you pregnant bloggers out there: if you want the Amazing Kalisah to tell you without question the gender of your unborn child, just send me two photos of yourself: one from the back and one from the front. You have to actually be showing.

I just called another one at work. I'm 8 for 8. I'm unstoppable. I'm going to quit my job and start doing this full time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Note to NPR: Bite me.

This morning on my way in to work, I heard this story on Morning Edition about medical readiness in the National Guard. Renee Montagne intro'ed the story with this:

The American fighting force in Iraq includes 49,000 citizen soldiers from Reserve and National Guard units. But thousands of others stay home, declared unfit for duty due to inadequate health care before they're mobilized.

Among them is Scott Jones, 34, of Columbus, Miss. A 14-year National Guard tank crewman, Jones is desperate to serve in Iraq, because he'd double his civilian income as a handyman and get full family health insurance -- leaving him, his wife and their six children better off than before.

Oh good. A soldier from Mississippi with six kids. I don't think I've heard this story before.

I wasn't 60 seconds into the story before I realized that this report had more Southern stereotypes than "Sweet Home Alabama."

Let's see...
  • Honeymooning at WalMart? Check.
  • Rotting teeth? Check.
  • Trailer home decorated in a NASCAR theme? Check and check.
I lived ages 11-19 of my life in southern Mississippi, and granted, I was just Coast Trash so what would I know? But deep south is deep south and I am proud to report that:
  1. Big Daddy & I spent our honeymoon on a Caribbean island.
  2. I have all of my own teeth.
  3. I live in a brick home.
  4. I don't watch NASCAR and my home is actually decorated with fine art.

I'm just so disappointed that NPR couldn't also work in a poignant scene with Reese Witherspoon in a coon dawg cemetery.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I adore daffodils

Memphis has tons of them and they are coming out in full bloom right about now. Every year in the spring, I decide, "I want to plant daffodils of my own this year" but then by the time fall or winter or whenever you're supposed to plant bulbs rolls around, I forget all about it. So could one of you green-thumbers out there send me an email when it's time? To remind me? Thanks.

A Tiger Haiku

Only a freshman
He fell to his knees and cried
A city cried, too

A special 'HELLO' and welcome to Michele's readers!

I'm so flattered and honored that Michele Agnew took one of my comments on her blog and turned it into one of her questions!

So I want to say HI and WELCOME to all of her fabulous readers that were kind enough to stop by my spot only to find that I rarely post on the weekend and one of my last posts was some rambling psychobabble that is SO NOT MY STYLE BECAUSE IT IS SERIOUSLY CLASHING WITH MY NEW LIPSTICK.

So I hope you'll come back another day when I'm not crying in my beer, but rather serving up Mimosas. I'm much for fun those days.

And to answer the question I'm sure you're all dying to know...yes, I think it's really Rosie.

Friday, March 11, 2005

I bet is was from Rosie's blog

I may be prejudiced, but wouldn't you think that Rosie O'Donnell could afford a blog design other than a BLOGGER TEMPLATE??

Because I totally aspire to have a blog designed by an actual honest-to-goodness-designer. I just can't afford it right now.

And then the rest of us wouldn't have to be putting up with our blogger dashboard's being down because of "increased load on application server."

Blogger Status
Friday, March 11, 2005
In the past several days, we've had a bout of stability problems with Blogger. Yesterday morning, users were encountering errors when trying to login and access their blogs...Most of these problems were caused by an increased amount of load on the application servers...

Three technical question

Number one:
Does anyone understand these "capcha's" that some blogs carry? Some of them cause me no problems, but others, like Pesky Apostrophe's, seem to cause me neverending stress. No matter how I type in the word - trying to line it up under the capcha or whatever - I get an error message that I did not "submit the word exactly as it appears in the image." Is there a secret to this whole capcha thing? Can someone please share it with me???

Number two:
Does anyone know why I'm no longer getting email addresses in my Haloscan comments? Because now I have no way of responding back to people who leave comments, and that kinda sucks.

And Number three:
WHAT THE FUCK is up with StatCounter?? I've been relying on this for several months now to give my site stats and suddenly I can no longer get the page. This ignorant blogger could use some advise.


This is going to be one of those bare-my-soul-I-desperately-need-a-therapist entries, so most of my readers should just move right along

Me & my mom are in an email fight. Which is pretty funny, given that my mom just got email like TWO WEEKS AGO. I want to say that it's not painful at all. That I don't care. That I'd just assume we don't speak at all.

All of which is true.

But then I had a shitty, shitty day at work. And I told my friend Mary, "Do you want to go for a drink? Because I am going for a drink, even if I have to drink alone." And Mary, being the good friend that she is, went with.

And we talked about work. And got all that out of the way. We've both had multiple, senior-level conversations in the last two weeks that we desperately needed to divulge and relieve ourselves of.

After I got all mine off my chest, I admitted, "Plus, I've been email-arguing with MY MOM all week."

It seemed like nothing at the time. Really. But when I discussed it with Mary, she ACTUALLY STARTED CRYING. It was then that I realized that perhaps I have made light about my relationship with my mom for way too long.

So I need to begin speaking of it. Because you, my internet, are more reasonably priced than actual therapy. Plus, I'm still in denial about actually NEEDING true therapy.

So maybe today I'll just start with just background. Later entries about current fucked up situations will come with adequate warnings.

Tonight, I conquer high school.

When I was 14 (ninth grade), my parents split up. This was exceptionally hard because we were Mormon and NO Mormon families EVER divorce. You can't imagine being more of a societal pariah. PLUS, my brother and sister were off at boarding school. And when the bomb was lowered on me, my parents said, "But don't tell Mel & Steve about this, because it would be too hard for them to handle, being away from home."

So I spent the next three or four months PRETENDING LIKE MY PARENTS WERE STILL TOGETHER.

You gotta admit, that's pretty fucked up.

On top of that, my mother, in all her martyr-like glory, decided that NOW would be a good time to have a complete mental breakdown.

So, on top of not being able to divulge to my siblings that my dad had moved out, I also had to deal with - alone - a mother (and I use the term quite loosely) who never left a darkened bedroom.

I'm not really sure what I ate during my freshman year. I have to only assume that there was somehow food in the house. Perhaps I made use of that famous Mormon one-year-supply food storage.

After several months, Mother eventually got out of bed...only to cover the windows facing the street with tin foil and accuse the church officials of a witch hunt. Paranoia will destroy'ya and all that.

She sold the house and the two of us moved to a smaller home in a different neighborhood. Great for her, I'm sure. But much more difficult for the sophomore bandmember who doesn't drive who now has to find rides to Friday night football games in a neighborhood where she knows none of the parents.

Early sometime that fall, my mother left to spend a weekend in her hometown in Louisiana. On the way, she had a car accident and was severely burned from the waist down. She was hospitalized in Jackson, MS for I have no idea how long. Maybe a weekend? Maybe a month? Hell, who knows. Couldn't have been too bad...none of the church families offered to drive me up to Jackson to see her. ????

Here's me, I'm just a sophomore in high school without a driver's license, living at home.

When Mother was eventually released from the hospital, she went on to Louisiana. She stayed there a while. A long time. I don't know.

Here's me, still living at home, still alone. Still finding rides to Friday night football games. Other than that, I get up in the morning, take a shower, catch the bus to school. No big deal.

I'm not really sure what I did for food. Again.

Yeah, this is the part where Mary cried.

I never really considered my childhood unusual or particularly pathetic.

You know, maybe this is a good place to stop. Maybe next time I can get into my relationship with Dad and his death and where things are now with Mother.

God, it all seems so overwhelming, doesn't it?

A recipe for you

The first of the year, me & Big Daddy went back on the South Beach diet. Here's a recipe we came across that we LOVE:

Grilled Tomatoes and Pesto

  1. Core and cut a tomato in half horizontally. With a spoon, scoop out about a quarter of an inch of tomato from inside.
  2. Set tomato halves cut-side-up on an aluminum pie tin. Add a couple spoons of store-bought pesto to the inside of each half.
  3. Cook on tin over indirect heat on pre-heated grill for 12-15 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle top with shredded Monterey jack cheese. Grill 5 minutes more until cheese is melted.
  5. Yield: 2 servings

What I did this morning that has been the ONLY good part of this day

I met up with a couple hundred other opinionated democrats downtown at 7 a.m. to protest against Bush, who was speaking here on (what else?) his social security privatization plans. My two favorite homemade signs that I saw:




Thursday, March 10, 2005

Shelley Update from Holland!

I am so cheery now because I found a quarantined email from my friend Shelley in the Netherlands! For some reason, my ridiculous corporate spam-blocker-protect-us-our-lady-from-lawsuits-amen considered it “explicit” and BLOCKED it. Probably because she used the word “underpanties.”

So here is some news from Shelley, in her own words. Keep in mind even though she spent the first 18 years of her life speaking English, she rarely uses it now.

this previous year i found myself living in a huge house with a band. dutch guys that play traditional country and bluegrass music. i sing, play the washtub bass and i'm starting to play the mandolin. after 1 1/2 months of playing together, things took off like gangbusters. it was weird. we we're on television 3 times, the radio once and even played hotel new york (and that's the business!) in the harbor of rotterdam.

i make, what shall i call them, adornments? (hair barrets and pins and such) out of plastic bugs and recycled wire and all kinds of stuff. i've got this box filled with 'stuff' wine corks, the insides of computers, old wire, and a collection of ephemera (old labels, papers, wrappers)...just things that i find pleasing in form or texture or material, whatever. this stuff becomes jewelry and accessories or whatever i may need. my latest creation from the box of 'stuff' was doorknobs for my cabinets made from old champagne corks.

i go everywhere on bike and i love my bike. it's a classic and it's beautiful. here in holland the bike is used as a serious form of transportation. there are bike roads through all of holland and they are complete with stop lights for cyclists, information signs. it's fantastic. we also travel often two on one bike, one person on the standard luggage rack on the back. when we played music on the streets we all went with the bicycle. hans up front with the washtub bass which made him look like a homemade sailing vessel and all of us and our instruments in a row behind. it's was hysterical.

i'd rather never have to shop...i only buy basics in the store and then i buy most of them at one store (the hema) whose products are of good quality, reasonably priced and produced in a socially and, as much as possible, environmentally sound way. i buy almost everything secondhand at the secondhand market in the city on tuesdays and saturdays or at flea markets. and if i may say so myself i have a lovely wardrobe filled with absolute treasures from the past.

Huh. And in high school we were PRACTICALLY TWINS.

The Girls from work

Saturday night Chica (left) threw a birthday party for her boyfriend. Me & Tiff (in the blue shirt next to me) were the only ones there who didn't speak Spanish. We just smiled and nodded and drank a lot. On the right is my best friend An. Posted by Hello

Random Thursday Thoughts

Hmmm…I didn’t post at all yesterday. Possibly because it was cold and rainy and I had to go off-site to hear our illustrious mayor speak at a lunch meeting and I was wearing my Stuart Weitzman black croco sling-backs and my feet were cold and wet all day. Wah wah wah. I have such high-end problems.

And today I can’t seem to get blogger dashboard to work so now I’m typing this in Word to copy and paste later when it’s back up...

You know what word I like? VOTEGETTERS. Especially when national journalists use it. “The top two votegetters will hold a run-off election in April.” Because it sounds like a word that a kid made up…

You got a nice car – I get it – you park way the hell in the corner of the Target parking lot so no one dings it with their door. But here? At work? Where parking is at such a premium that they started making the hourly employees park AT THE PYRAMID and bus in? Yeah, it doesn’t really make much sense for you to take that last corner spot when the lot will be totally full in another 15 minutes anyway…

My Kid has a new girlfriend: Taylor. Kaitlyn was his fifth grade girlfriend. She lasted a whole year. I can use their real names because they’re such common sixth-grade girl's names…

When I go to Starbucks and order my grande non-fat latte, they always ask me my name to write on the cup. Since they can never get “Kalisah” right, I make different things up. Today I told them my name is “Brando”…

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Who Likes Big Butts?

Did you watch "Fat Actress"? I know, you don't have Showtime, right? Me either. I mean, who does, really?

The thing is, her PR dude is certainly earning his keep, because I have been reading about this show EVERYWHERE. USA Today claimed to have liked the show. They compared it to "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and said that it works because Kirstie Alley is so funny. But The New York Post had this negative review of the show.

Then I found out I could watch the entire pilot episode ("Big Butts") here. It was a bit of a train wreck, I'll admit. Seeing her sobbing on the bathroom floor after stepping on the scale and then getting a call from her agent on a job offer as spokesperson for Jenny Craig - not all that funny to me. But parts of it had me giggling a bit.

Other parts (like the whole fat-white-women-can-have-sex-with-black-men-because-they-like-big-butts storyline) seemed a bit contrived. The black-men-have-bigger-packages part has most assuredly been overdone.

It is very much in the vein of "Curb" - you can pick out most of the improvised parts. Her supporting cast was EXCELLENT - Rachel Harris as her make-up artist that changed her name to Kevyn in honor of her idol Kevin Aucoin and Bryan Callen (who I totally recognize yet haven't seen anything he's done according to imdb) as her somewhat effeminate assistant were, IMHO, better than Kirstie.

So go watch the clip and tell me what you think. Tell me it sucks and you could only take four minutes of it. Or tell me you're calling now to order Showtime. I'm taking a poll.

This is like one of those stories that is started by one person and then someone picks up where they stop

I got up this morning and left for work - it is BEAUTIFUL outside! Cold, clear, sunny. I love it. I have on a short black & white plaid kilt, black boots and a black turtleneck. I'm starting to get that Lindsey Lohan-Jillian Barberie hair thing going. I'm feeling pretty good. Then I get to work and find out...

There's no power in the building! So thank god I'm only on the second floor because I never would have even made it to my office if I'd had to walk up SIX flights of stairs. The COO says it will take two hours to get the electricity back on, so we're officially closed til 11 a.m. The HR director says we have three choices:
1) We can find manual work to do until the power's back on;
(MANUAL LABOR??? Whatev.)
2) We can leave and come back at 11;
(I live too far to go home, and I can't see sitting at Starbucks for THREE HOURS)
3) We can leave and not come back but we'll have to take a vacation day, so I...

Head home and start mixing Bloody Marys! Yeah, you don't have to say "vacay day" to me twice! Now I'm just leisurely reading my blogs, doing my crosswords, watching the soaps. You know what I love about soaps? You can have not watched for TWO YEARS and still be able to catch up on the storyline inside of 10 minutes.

Monday, March 07, 2005

How was your weekend?

It was beautiful here - low 60s and sunny and breezy. My Kid had his first soccer game Sunday afternoon (we were playing the Jewish Community Center team - a team consisting entirely of boys named "Max" - so it couldn't be on Saturday.) and I foolish wore my hair back in a ponytail and Jackie O's but no hat and now my forehead is sunburned.

All hail the Goddess of Spring!

What I would take a picture of today if I had a camera phone

The fields of daffodils on the hills of Shelby Farms.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Le printemps est dans l'air!

Springtime. A flirty girl's favorite shopping time. Time to toss away the heavy sweaters and turtlenecks and tights and boots in exchange for light and airy and twirly and COLOR!

I've been participating in a little retail therapy and have begun my list of Must Haves for Spring 05.

First, the full skirt. In ethnic prints. With tank tops. And wedge heels or espadrilles. You can even dress it up like this simple elegant look or this. I'm in love with this one.

Also big this season will be white. Including white pants and jeans. Which we can pair with a Pucci scarf and pretend that we resort.

To help you transition into the new season, there's lots of great tiny jackets to get you through those cool mornings. Like this one and this one.

Lastly, to complete our new outfits, we need a new spring handbag! And here's what to remember there: Big is IN! I have my heart set on this one for the office and this bright one for the weekend.

So now you're ready to go out and treat yourself to your own spring splurge! Let me know what you find!

Last night I dreamed

that I had a new little baby girl, who was so smart that she started talking right from the day she was born, so we had a terrible time trying to name her, because she kept vetoing everything we came up with. The name she wanted? "Driving Miss Daisy."

Possible interpretation: I was reading this on Michele Agnew yesterday, so I'm pretty sure that's where it came from. I have no idea why the Morgan Freeman reference.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

So I was checking out Denise Richards' petition for divorce from Charlie Sheen here, and I thought it was interesting that you really only have two options for dissolution of the marriage, and that is based on:

1. irreconcilable differences
2. incurable insanity

I think it would have been funny if she'd chosen the latter.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Oscar Coupling

This just in: Oscar seems to have cast quite a spell over some supposedly split-up couples this weekend.

The Daily News reports that Brad & Jen were KISSING at one party Friday night. Hollywood is abuzz in the reports that they were staring into each other's eyes and cuddling all night...

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal were caught flirting at the Vanity Fair party. Us Weekly says sister Maggie had to talk him out of taking his ex home with him...

The rag also reports that Kate Bosworth and newly ex'ed Orlando Bloom were caught canoodling on the party's video screens...

and who could blame him? SHE LOOKS FABULOUS (if a little skinny...) Posted by Hello