Monday, August 30, 2004

an open letter

Dear Eddie George,
Ya know I love ya more than ma' luggage. I want only the best for you. I hope you have a great year. I hope you rush for 40 touchdowns. But please understand this: I can not, under any circumstances, root for a Cowboy. No way. No how. Can't do it. So I'm afraid this is goodbye.
All the best,

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Providing a camera phone image of my own

Our family pet is Smokey, a white chow-mix. He was a stray that we took in that is the sweetest dog ever in the history of family pets. We know he's a chow b/c he has a spotted tongue (blue & pink) and Chow's are the only dogs with blue tongues.

But can someone please explain to me the extreme shedding at the end of the summer?? Jeebus, I'd expect shedding at the end of the winter, when he needed to get rid of his thick fur. But I guess thick furry dogs like Smokey have a summer coat and a winter coat, both of which must be shed.

So my house is COVERED in white fur. And I take this dog out every day or two to comb him. And each time, it results in enough white fur to fill a dumpster. I figure the birds will use it to make their nests.

So Sunday...laundry day...general cleaning...of course I'm wearing my tiara. B/c what good is being a princess if you can't do housework in your tiara??

I took some trash out and realized that a storm must be blowing in b/c it's incredibly cool outside. Good time to brush the dog.

So I took Smokey outside to the sidewalk, and (in my tiara) began brushing him.

Providing a camera phone image of my own.

My Romantic Husband

I made a comment earlier this week on Steph's blog that the most romantic thing my husband had done for me lately was to buy me a second vacuum cleaner so I wouldn't have to lug this one up & down the stairs. Now I have to take that back.

Just now - he was watching sports on TV & cruising the guide to see what all was on...when he came upon EVITA. He said to me, "Hey, Evita is on."

Now...he's letting me watch it, in stereo, and sing at the top of my lungs. Now that's love.

DeGrassi Jr. High was never like this...was it???

Well this is weird. I wouldn't say I'm completely freaked out, but I'm pretty taken aback.

You know, Sunday...laundry day. My Kid's outside and Big Daddy's taking a nap. I go into My Kid's room to strip the sheets off his bed and I find that he's hidden a spiral notebook inside one of his pillowcases. So of course I have to see what's in it. And read it. B/c you know that's how responsible parents find out that their kid plans to blow up his school.

And he's written three pages, front & back, in a very neat print, about everything that's been going on with him & his girlfriend. I mean, this is more writing than he did in the whole of fifth grade. Keep in mind, My Kid is 11. He's had this girlfriend since last December when she began calling my house 14 times a day. She still calls a lot (even long distance when her family was on vacation this summer) but now I think they IM a lot more.

So My Kid is apparently caught up in this big middle school love triangle between his girlfriend K. and some other guy named M. And now I know all the details - K. was "going out" with M. when she found out that My Kid liked her, so she offered to break up with M. to go out with My Kid. I never knew that. But now - NOW the little tramp has been going back & forth, cheating on My Kid with M. under the bleachers at the basketball game??? Seems she can't make up her mind between the two. And everytime she comes back to My Kid, he takes her back "b/c I really like her" (according to the diary).

Oh, the drama!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Gallantly Streaming and all that

I haven't gotten to watch as much of the Olympics this year as I'd have liked. I was working so many hours that first week. But I saw some gymnastics, some swimming, track & field. I have a new crush: the entire US Men's 4x100 relay team. How cute are they??? I'm not sure I'll even tune into the closing ceremonies, since I think they're going to be on at the same time as the VMAs. But I mainly just want to say that I really, really liked the arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner they've used at these games. I wonder who did it? It's beautiful.

He'll be the coolest kid on the block

We gave My Kid his birthday gift tonight...a mini I-Pod. It is so fucking cool. But I may never get back on my laptop again. He's been downloading songs for hours.

Friday, August 27, 2004

50 Random Questions

shamelessly stolen from Sweety *kiss*

Your name spelled backwards.

Where were your parents born?
Dad – Washington, DC; Mom – Shelbyville, Tennessee

What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? have to be technical to do that shit.

What’s your favorite restaurant?
Automatic Slim's in downtown Memphis. Although I had some pretty killer crawfish cakes at Bosco's last weekend. It has moved significantly higher up my list.

Last time you swam in a pool?
In Monaco last month

Have you ever been in a school play?
Lots of musicals in high school

How many kids do you want?
No more than I already have – one

Type of music you dislike most?

Are you registered to vote?

Do you have cable?
yes - digital

Have you ever ridden on a moped?

Ever prank call anybody?
In junior high, with my friend Deana Williams

Ever get a parking ticket?
Got a whole lot of them in college. I thought they couldn’t catch me because I was driving a rental car that summer. Turns out they contacted the company and mailed the ticket charges to my house. Which I never paid.

Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
No way

Farthest place you ever traveled.
Europe - Monaco

Do you have a garden?
No. I'm not into growing or making things at home that I can go to the store and buy.

What’s your favorite comic strip?
“Heart of the City” and “Baby Blues”

Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?
Absolutely, and I sing them very loudly when I attend sporting events.

Bath or Shower, morning or night?
Baths at night, to relax; Showers in the morning, to wake up.

Best movie you’ve seen in the past month?
I haven't really seen anything new in a while (although I plan to catch "Garden State" this weekend). I really liked "Big Fish."

Favorite pizza topping?
Bar-b-que & pineapple from Garibaldi's, and Alternative from Memphis Pizza Cafe are the only pizzas I'll eat.

Chips or popcorn?

What color lipstick do you usually wear?
Bobbi Brown’s Lip Tint SPF 15 in Tea Rose Tint or Melon Tint

Have you ever smoked peanut shells?

Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
Hee hee hee. No.

Orange Juice or apple?
Orange. With champagne. For breakfast.

Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine?
The three of us ate at Corky's Bar-b-que with College Boy, his dad (visiting from Arkansas) and his dad's new mail-order bride from Ukrane.

Favorite type chocolate bar?

When was the last time you voted at the polls?
Presidential election, 2000. Apparently my vote didn’t count though.

Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
You mean, like, that someone gave me from their garden? Not ever that I can recall.

Have you ever won a trophy?
No. You would have to participate in sports or beauty pageants for that.

Are you a good cook?

Not particularly. But I can cook, and it usually comes out pretty good when I take the time to do it.

Do you know how to pump your own gas?
It ain't gonna pump itself.

Ever order an article from an infomercial?
No. I’m not sure I’ve ever even watched an infomercial.

Sprite or 7-up?
Sprite I guess. I'm not really into either one.

Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?
If you mean, that they gave me & said “wear this every day” -- No.

Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?
Just picked up my pills today

Ever throw up in public?
Oh yeah. Luckily, those times are a big blur to me now.

Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love?
I’ll take the money. I’m cynical that way.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Ever call a 1-900 number?

Can ex’s be friends?
Yes, if they were decent people to begin with.

Who was the last person you visited in a hospital?
My 5-year-old niece. She was having oral surgery.

Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby?
No, but I’ve more than made up for it in the 37 years since.

What message is on your answering machine?
The default machine-voice. “Please. Leave. A. Message.”

What’s your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character?
I don’t really know that many SNL characters. Rosanna Rosanna Danna was pretty funny though.

What was the name of your first pet?
Little Bit.

What is in your purse?
A checkbook cover that I use as a wallet, lip gloss, cell phone, a red extra fine Sharpie, Neutrogena lip balm, sunglasses, car key and a tampon.

Favorite thing to do before bedtime?

What is one thing you are grateful for today?
My boys aren’t fighting.

Note to self: Buy a robe.

I'm about to have a houseguest.

Remember, a while back, I mentioned that College Boy is moving to Nashville? Well, we went and sold the other house and now fucker can't find a job in Nashville. So he's gonna bunk up here for a while.

Swell. I like the kid & all, but I don't need no one living in my house but me & my own. It's just never a good idea.

Friday Movie Quote

Can you name the movie?

I don't believe this! I've got a trig midterm tomorrow, and I'm being
chased by Guido the killer pimp.

Dude, where's my beer truck??

Maybe they were just planning to DRINK IT.

The hell??

I've a bit of an overhang this morning. Had a few too many Cosmos last night. But it's Friday so I don't really care. I'll just wear my Jackies around the office.

Last night Big Daddy suggested that I take a myself. One of those all-inclusive Caribbean places. I'm totally up for that, just really, really surprised. This is the most anti-Big Daddy thing Big Daddy has ever said.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Men that I would leave my husband for: the short list

Jon Stewart
Harry Connick, Jr.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My Dad

I was surfing around. Feeling kinda lost. I ended up back on my own page. Weird. Anyway, I reread my 100 Things b/c I just really, really like them. I'm so pleased with myself when I read them. I don't know why. Just am. You should read them if you haven't already. Then, for kicks, to see if I'd accomplished anything recently that I wasn't aware of, I clicked on my Before I Die list. And there were a couple of comments. From this kid who probably wasn't even alive yet when I graduated high school.

He said this:
Visit my dad’s grave in Syracuse. --- Why haven't you done this as yet?

(And dude: I'm ignoring that whole "why not work out" comment. Fuck that.)

You know my comments aren't set up to email me. So if I have a response to one, I just post my own comment. If some techy out there knows a different way, I accept tutorials.

So I responded with a comment.

And then I erased it.

And made another one.

And erased it.

This went on for several minutes. Smart ass comments. Logical comments. Explanatory comments.

Finally I realized that I didn't have an answer.

I don't know why I haven't been back since his funeral. Maybe I'd rather spend my vacays on a Caribbean island. Maybe it's just never been a priority. Maybe I have issues I need to take up with my psychiatrist.

So I closed the comments box and just decided that I want to write about my dad.

My dad's name was Richard. He was born in 1917 in Washington, DC. He used to ride the streetcar to school. He was of the generation that used the nickname "Dick" for Richard. So to his friends, he was always "Dick." Even as a teenager I never thought that was weird or funny.

My dad's mom died when he was 13. His older brother came and got him from school and told him. A sudden stroke killed her.

His dad lived in a bedroom in our basement before he died. I swear I remember that, but my mom says I wasn't born yet. He had a series of strokes. That's how my dad died, too.

My dad was in ROTC in high school in Arlington, Virginia. He joined the army for WWII. He was at Normandy, but since he was a truck driver he was there D+2 (two days after D-Day). He was bringing in supplies. He served mostly in France during the war.

He was married with two little girls when he went off to war. When he came home, they divorced. I hear war does that to a lot of families.

Later he married my mom. She was 24 years younger than him.

Dad was a highway engineer for the federal government. He went to George Washington University on the GI Bill. His office building was on the corner across the street from what is now the Air & Space Museum. It was on the parade route for the presidential inaugural parades, so we used to watch from there. Because it's awfully cold in Washington DC in January. And my parents were big on historical shit like that. The only parade I can remember was Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn in that bright green coat walking the route.

My Dad was more cultured than my mom. She grew up in a tiny, backwoods town of Louisiana. They used to take us to Army-Navy band concerts on the Capitol steps. And performances at the Kennedy Center. When people came to visit, Dad would drive them around the city sightseeing. As a kid, I always thought he made up that word.

In 1976, we went to the fireworks at the Washington Monument. Otherwise we watched them for our side of the river in order to avoid the crowd. We almost lost my dad trying to get on a bus when it was over. That was the most frightened I'd ever been in all my 10 years.

Dad retired when I was 11 and we moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Talk about a culture shock. For him, too, I think. I think that's when he started dying.

My parents split up three years later. I lived with my mom for a while, but then she moved away. I lived with Dad most of my high school years. He was a great dad. He went on all our choir trips with me. Retired and all. He got up every morning and made me breakfast and packed my lunch. Breakfast was either cereal or canned biscuits with sausage. Lunch was often peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Dad wasn't much of a cook. But he loved me.

After I graduated high school, I moved away. Three years later, my younger brother was the last to leave. Dad had already had a couple strokes by then. With none of us there, he deteriorated fast. By the time I was 20 he was in a nursing home. I hated going back to see him. It's so sad to see your parent with no dignity. His mind wasn't right by then. He would talk like he was back in the war. Other times he seemed to know exactly what was up. I'd rather prefer to think he wasn't aware.

When I got the call that my dad had died, I didn't even know he was in Syracuse. My half-sister (from the first marriage) had air-ambulanced him to her home. Which was OK with me, since none of use (from the second marriage) still lived on the coast. I'm glad he wasn't alone when he died.

We all flew to Syracuse for the funeral, even my mom. We thought it was good that he'd be buried there. We were all so young and none of us had really set down any roots. We didn't know where we'd end up. My half-sister had been in Syracuse my whole life. We buried him on a hillside. Some soldiers presented the flag to my brother. He had a very nice frame made for it and it's on his mantle even today.

A year or so later, my half-sister up & moved to California.

So, why haven't I been back? I don't know. I don't want to spend vacation time and money on a trip to Syracuse? I have no family there? I'm afraid of what I'll see? I'm afraid I'll be overcome by overwhelming sadness?

Maybe I put my dad on a pedestal b/c he was old. B/c he died early in my life. Maybe he wasn't the perfect, naive, sad old man I remember him to be. But damn, I loved him. And I miss him.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

And on the seventh day, they washed

Sunday is laundry day at my house. It's not that I've set this day aside for that explicit purpose, so much as I just put the job off for as long as possible before we all must once again dress for work & school.

Lately, laundry has become increasingly more difficult though. First, there's the complete chore, in & of itself, of just collecting it all. Today, I picked up dirty clothes off the floors of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, the upstairs hallway, the stairwell, the living room, the entrance hall, the kitchen & the garage. Then there's the impossible task of washing the clothes faster than My Kid can go swimming in them, replacing them with clean, dry clothes from his drawers.

But this is not the topic of today's post. No, the laundry challenge I face today is the simple act of maneuvering in and out of the laundry room.

Even with just the one child, we seem to amass an inordinate amount of crap. And since the laundry room is located right in the center of our daily universe, the kitchen-living area, it becomes the storage area for shoes, sweatshirts, gym bags, and any & everything else that doesn't belong in the kitchen-living area but somehow seems to end up there.

(And while we're on the subject, why oh why don't homebuilders put the laundry room UPstairs...where all the laundry is???)

Maybe I take this a little personally, but since I'm the only one in the family who happened to have been born with ovaries, I am, afterall, the only person in the household that actually USES the laundry room. Mops, brooms, buckets - maybe even dogfood - I can accept. But when I can no longer open the door for all the shit that's been shoved into that tiny space meant for washing, I start to become annoyed.

Now today - I new challenge. I mentioned to Big Daddy last week that the dryer doesn't seem to be working properly. I set it on the highest heat for the longest allowable time on the dial (80 minutes) and still a load of towels is only half dry. Crunch those numbers, willya? Three hours to dry a load of towels X all the loads I gotta do = all fucking day to do laundry.

So Big Daddy calls Sears service line and the woman tells him to turn on the dryer and check the outside vent to see if it's clogged. No, no problem there. Blowing like crazy. So - rather than arranging for a serviceman to come out - she tells him, "The next time you dry a load of clothes, disconnect the hose on the back that connects it to the outside vent." WTF??? Rather than question this obviously INSANE advice, Big Daddy pulls my dryer out away from the now, if I hold my upper body at just the right angle, I can just manage to squeeze myself in and out of the laundry room. Forget the basket - there's no way it's coming in with me.

So he unhooks the hose, but I protest too much on the grounds that large electrical appliances are vented to the outdoors for a reason, and even the prospect of a huge legal settlement from Sears isn't enough to make me risk all of our lives to carbon monoxide poisoning. So he hooks it back up.

And he tells me, "But don't move the dryer."

Uhh, yeah. Five-foot-three and 120 pounds and he thinks I can MOVE THE DRYER??? Ha. Not even it clean underwear depends on it.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Caught in the act

Yesterday I took a vacay day. I needed it. I slept on & off the entire day. Big Daddy was working from home, so we went to lunch at Rafferty's by our house. Soon after we were seated, our neighbor came in; the hostess was bringing him to the table next to ours. I said hi and Big Daddy asked him if he was eating alone. He said, "I'm meeting a buddy. I think I just saw him pull in." and he went back out to the front of the restaurant, presumably to meet him.

Only he never came back. A quick look around the place revealed he wasn't seated elsewhere either. I told Big Daddy he must've been meeting a woman - not his wife. Ooops.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Cynical Joe Strikes Again

Subject: REVISED Republican Convention Schedule
6:00pm - Opening prayer
6:15pm - Supplementary opening prayer
6:30pm - Prayer in thanks of first two prayers
6:45pm - New energy policy presented by Exxon
7:00pm - Canonization of Reagan
7:15pm - Additional prayers
7:30pm - Opening remarks by Halliburton
8:00pm - Prayer for the safety and well-being of Ken aka "Kenny-boy" Lay
8:15pm - Additional remarks by Halliburton
8:30pm - Stoning of the first homosexual
8:45pm - New healthcare polices presented by HMO leader, Kaiser Permanente
9:00pm - Invasion of Iran or North Korea (TBA)
9:15pm - Halliburton contributes 1.4 billion to Republican party
9:30pm - Reagan elevated to Savior, Holy Trinity now referred to as "the quads"
9:45pm - Bush undergoes plastic surgery to look more like Reagan
10:00pm - Cheney runs into Ron Reagan, Jr. Tells him to go fuck himself
10:15pm - Recall of troops from accidental invasion of South Korea (Bush: "Damn, the SOUTH is our ally.....bad "intelligence")
10:30pm - Burning at the stake of 16 year-o.ld Jenny Williams, who had an illegal abortion after being raped by her cousin
10:45pm - Dancing around the golden calf
11:00pm - Stoning of the partner of the first homosexual
11:15pm - New forestry policy presented by Weyerhaeuser
11:45pm - Thanking God for his wisdom in choosing Bush as president
12:00pm - Closing prayers (lasting until 2:00am)
2:00 am - Hookers arrive for all delegates

While this humorous parody does reflect the political views of the author of this blog, she makes no claims as to Cynical Joe's political affiliations. Or whoever sent the email to him.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

(me humming the Olympics theme)

As much as I recently claimed to love the Olympics here and here, I've been working too damn much to get to see any of this year's games. I finally got to watch a little last night while I was working on that news release.

Am I the only one concerned that Svetlana Khorkina must be suffering from a serious eating disorder?? Jeebus, how does she tumble with absolutely no muscle tissue in her legs????

And why don't we just elimate the silver & broze medals altogether? Everyone always seems so pissed off when they win one. Let's just fuck it and say "too bad, you lose."

And for the record, if the media hadn't hyped Michael Phelps so much on the front end, I betcha he woulda won all eight of those golds.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Class, we have a new student...

Got a new friend on the links today. Everyone stop by & say hi to Not Donna Reed at American Mom. She's witty, insightful and remarkably sincere. I betcha like her.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Today's Chapter, in which I get accosted by an old woman at the Exxon

I met Big Daddy for lunch today at El Porton. Mmmm...chalupas. I didn't have enough gas to make it all the way back downtown, so I went across the street to Exxon to fill up. Then I went inside to buy some bottled water to get me through the afternoon.

I'm standing in the line to the right (two cashiers are checking customers), behind this old white woman who is insisting on counting out correct change for her carton of Dorals. To my left, a young black man is waiting in the other line. When the person in front of him completes his transaction, that cashier leaves the counter. So Young Black Man comes over & gets in my line behind me. Old White Lady is still scrounging for coinage in the bottom of her purse.

Eventually, the second cashier returns to her post. She looks at me and says, "I'll help the next person in line" and I shift over to her side of the counter. I hear Young Black Man say, "I shoulda stayed over there." So I politely (I thought?) turn to him and say, "I'm sorry! I should have let you go."

He smiles and says, "That's alright, honey. You go ahead." (Flashback to short skirt, three-and-a-half-inch heels.) I turn back to my cashier, who is nearly finished ringing up my two bottles of Dasani and pack of Trident cinnamon. I hear the man say something about "that's what I get for getting out of line."

At which point, Old White Lady (now next to me) jerks around and yells at us, "HEY! BE NICE! THIS IS A PUBLIC PLACE...something something something." I was so taken aback I didn't quite absorb her full message.

Well, of course, Young Black Man isn't taking that shit from her. Not in this neighborhood. She was probably drunk anyway. So he starts fucking with her, and says, "Wadn't nobody talking to you." Which just encourages her to yell longer and louder.

I scribbled something barely resembling a name on my credit card slip (yes, I use a gas card to charge three dollars and twenty-nine cents), the Exxon lady says, "Have a nice day." I reply with my standard, "You, too." Then added, "ESPECIALLY you!" given that her job obviously involves dealing with drunken psycho Doral-smoking bitches.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Even NFL players get better advice on media relations

Doesn't the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, get any media training???

Yesterday, at a campaign stop in Northern Virginia, POTUS actually said:

high taxes on the rich are a failed strategy because "the really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway."

Leaving himself wide open for Kerry's camp to comment that of course, HE WOULD KNOW.

*eyes rolling out the back of my head*

Monday, August 09, 2004

Next thing you know, I pop my head up & it's MONDAY AFTERNOON ALREADY!!!

Sorry to have disappeared on you like that...the weather was just soooo beautiful this weekend - nothing like a shot of cool air in the middle of August to improve one's attitude.

Saturday I took My Kid & his friends fishing at the lake. We were out there all freaking day & they never caught one thing. I kinda felt bad for them. But I think they still had fun. I just sat under a tree in the shade and read a book.

Saturday evening Big Daddy came home with a new car...yes. A new car. A Cadillac CTS or something. I don't know. Anyway, they let him keep it for the weekend b/c you know car salesman - they'll do anything for a deal. I'm not sure if he'll keep it or not but he really, really likes it. And it's so HIM.

Sunday I cleaned house & did laundry. My typical Sunday. Finished my book. Watched "Charmed." Cooked dinner. Washed my hair. Changed the sheets. Went to bed. I don't think I even got online one time.

My Kid started back to school this morning. And I'm all out of practice on our morning routine. I kept running up & down the stairs b/c I was like, "Now, I eat wait, first I get dressed. Then I fix HIS breakfast...then, I eat my breakfast, then...oh, hell."

Today I've been out of the office on a video shoot all day. And that takes me up to here - catching up on everyone's blogs & somewhat reluctantly catching you up on mine.

And I bet you thought I was going to have some great, dramatic story for why I'd been away.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Tennessee Tiaras

I was a little disappointed that Tiff & Shannon couldn't make it, but can I just say? Steph & G. are the Cutest. Couple. Ever.

It was only the three of us, but we had a great time. It was wonderful to put faces with personalities that I feel I know so well.

There's only one photo...I'll post it as soon as I can get Big Daddy off the Xbox to download from the camera.

Steph & G - love ya, babes!

Funny, this doesn't look like West Beverly??

My Kid starts back to school on Monday. I can't believe how early they're going back this year. He didn't get out until the end of May, so he really only got a two-month vacation. He's bored anyway; I think he's ready to go back. He'll be in sixth grade - Middle School! - only his school is K-8, so he's not changing schools yet.

Yesterday he got his homeroom teacher assignment - he's in Mrs. Walsh's class. Ha ha ha! Every time I hear that I'm going to think Brandon & Brenda's mom is his teacher...

Another reason we should kick him out of office

He's just so fucking stupid.


We gonna party like it's your birfday!

In light of Steph's post yesterday and the news that she will have to depart Tennessee Tiaras early this evening, I'm going to try to get the party started a little earlier. I plan to cut out of work a little early and be there by 4:30. See you soon!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

I'll just shut up til you're in college then.

Conversation with My Kid when I called home late this afternoon:

Me: What're you doing?

My Kid: Nothin'

Me: Well, you gotta be doing something. What're you doing?

MK: Nothin'

Me: Are you watching TV?

MK: Yeah.

Me: What're you watching?

MK: Nothin'

And he's still two years away from being a teenager yet. Joy.

Business at hand

I have been in meetings straight through from 8:30 this morning until now. I don't understand how it is that everyone ends up scheduling these things all on the same day. I haven't had time to read, write or do my crossword puzzle. Feh.

But first things first: John Edwards was great!! It was hot as hell fire out there, and there was a ton of people. But I had fun! We could hardly see a thing, and we were way up toward the front. I guess they had him on a raised dias, but it wasn't raised nearly high enough. I occasionally caught a glimpse of him between people's heads. When everyone started waving their signs - forget about it.

Now, on to other business:

DON'T FORGET: Tomorrow after work is the Tennessee Tiaras/Memphis Meet-up. Chili's by Oak Court Mall. Around 5:30 or so. Hope to see everyone there!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Ask me what I'm doing this afternoon.

I'm going to see John.

Memphis Makes us Proud (once again)

So how about that? A group or Iraqis on a civil rights tour sponsored by the State Department were refused entry into City Hall b/c the illustrious leader of our City Council (*cough*JoeBrown*cough*) thought they might be dangerous. In fact, he threatened to "evacuate the building and bring in the bomb squad" if the group entered.

And now, the story is being picked up by newspapers all over the country. Yay us.

But before you go and make up your mind that Memphis is just a city of ignorant bigots, let me assure you: it's not all of's just our city leaders. Go here to read some letters to the editor in today's Memphis paper (a one-time registration may be necessary). I especially liked this one:

Brown's diligence in protecting the safety of those in City Hall is commendable.
No doubt those Iraqis are up to no good in our city, probably spying on our facilities to plan an attack.
I encourage Brown to continue his vigilance and bar all people from the Nation of Islam from the facility. They could be relaying information to Osama bin Laden.
Additionally, a policy of general racial profiling should be put in place at City Hall. After all, everyone knows all Hispanics entered this country illegally. Don't let those criminals in the building. If they broke the law by entering America illegally, they certainly will break the law again. And of course, unelected African-Americans should be barred. After all, everyone knows all blacks sell drugs, steal, refuse to work and are on welfare. Don't let them in; they may steal something or turn City Hall into a crack house.
Yes, Brown should be commended for being such a vigilante protector of City Hall.
And Carol Chumney should be the next mayor of this city.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Today's camera phone non-image

Nearly every day I see something and think, "If I had a camera phone, I would take a picture of that."

Today at lunch I saw a pawn shop advertising "Hot Deals" on their sign.

Heh heh. "Hot" deals. I think that's funny.

Memphis Movie Mania

Not one, not two, but THREE Hollywood films are currently being filmed here in Memphis.

First, Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon are here filming "Walk the Line," the Johnny Cash bio-pic.

Then, there's the John Singleton production "Hustle & Flow" starring Anthony Anderson who, you'll remember, is having his own little troubles here in town.

Now this week, HE of People Magazine's Hottest Bachelors, as well as 50 Most Beautiful People, Orlando Bloom was here with Cameron Crowe to shoot one day of "Elizabethtown."

Damn...I wish I'd known he was coming. SURELY he would've wanted to come visit the poor kids with cancer, no??

He is HOT!! (Yes, I stole this graphic from the newspaper's web site.) Posted by Hello

Monday, August 02, 2004

Some final pics

From the 70s into the 80s and 90s. The last of the old photos. Here's me in high school and college. At least I'm smiling (sort of). And the high school boyfriend's name? "Bucky." Funny thing was, in Mississippi, we didn't consider that the least bit unusual.

sometime in the early 90s. Check out all that hair (yes, natural curl). Posted by Hello

Homecoming 1983, my junior year, with my high school sweetheart.  Posted by Hello

Family Time

It seems a number of adult children in my office are regularly taken on luxurious vacations (like cruises) by their equally adult parents. This floors me. First, b/c my parents split up right about the time I was hitting my teens, so I can't even remember the last family vacation we had. I mean, after that it was "I'll put you on a Greyhound to your mother's." Bon voyage!

Secondly, I guess if you don't have a fucked up family where all but maybe one member is annoying, cloying or bloodsucking, you might want to spend more than a couple hours at a time with them. Not this babe. I haven't wanted to accumulate any family hours since I was, oh...about 17.

The only member of my family I even like anymore is my exceptionally cool and laid back and witty brother. And his wife & their off-spring. And they live like 45 minutes from me. And prior to this past weekend, the last time I saw them was A YEAR AGO. How sad is that? Maybe we should, I don't know, take a cruise together or something.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Not saying "Cheese"

A few more old photos, as promised. Is there any question that I may have suffered from depression, even as a child??

That's me in the background with a scowl on my face. Can you believe my parents actually sent this out as a Christmas card?? They wanted to teach me a lesson. Posted by Hello

check out that horrible wig my mom is wearing! Posted by Hello

Family photo...circa 1969. That's me in the lower right. Looking really happy. Posted by Hello


Via Surburban Bliss

My solemn vow

We spent yesterday afternoon & evening at my brother's for my neice's seventh birthday. It was a nice time. The kids swam and they cooked out lots of good food.

When we got home, Big Daddy said, "Come watch 'Signs' with us!" I missed the first part with all the crop circles and whatever, but I did get to see the aliens in their rubber leotards. And the part where Georgie from "Sisters" gets cut in half by a car.

Again, all the parts that were supposed to be eerie, had me cracking up! Like when you first see the aliens from that kid's birthday party tape. And when Mel cuts off the alien-in-the-pantry's fingers.

Big Daddy said, "You just don't like M. Night Shyamalan." I said, "Let me get this straight: Aliens come to invade the earth, but can be defeated with WATER, so they run scared back to their own planet...and you're telling me this isn't as stupid as the movie we saw last night???"

I'm swearing off all M. Night's movies from now on.