Monday, September 27, 2004


I remember back in 1983 when I was in high school, all I wanted out of life was an Izod Lacoste shirt. And Nike tennis shoes. Each of which cost a steep 30 bucks back then. I had to beg and plead my parents to spend such a ridiculous amount for a label.

These days, when even first graders are decked out in Limited Too, it's practically a given that a teenage girl would ask for high-dollar apparel. But it wasn't so expected back then. Still, I recognized at a fairly early age the value in a designer label. I wanted that Lacoste shirt like my reputation depended on it. It did, afterall.

Imagine my surprise when I received a Neiman Marcus catalog in the mail today and saw this. Check out that price. *whew*

Allow me to introduce you...

Corporate Mommy's got a new look and a new site. Go on over & say "hi." You're sure to *heart* her as I do! She's a really talented writer with great insights into being a working mom.

Friday, September 24, 2004

In. Three. Words.

So I just sat down to read my blogs this evening, and I came upon Vanessa's, who had this post:

Uncertainty. Expectation. Suspense.posted by Vanessa @ 09:05 PM

To which I responded:
Dissatisfaction. Frustration. Ambition.

And I thought, " Cool game!"

Now you try: Sum up your life today in three words.

"What you got here is a walkin' talkin' reason to rehabilitate." Posted by Hello

Friday Movie Quote

Name the movie:

"What you have here is a walkin' talkin' reason to rehabilitate."

Name the now-famous comedian who had a supporting role in the film.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

That's Fugged Up

Today I happened upon this fabulous fashion police site called Go Fug Yourself. It's so funny, I wish I'da thought of it first.

If you only read one entry, read this one. I laughed until I cried. I never really liked Jennifer Garner anyway. ha ha ha. Karate bride.

The hell???

Someone just forwarded this email to me. I think I'm supposed to do something. I have no freaking idea what.

For the 5000 pcs h/t fty will need it to be in FTY by 10/5 latest. Which mean if you can ship it out 10/1 X, fty still can maintain dlvy 10/8 x garments. Pls cfm.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Because I will show my boobs for charity

Since I'm new to blogging this year, the Blogger Boobie-Thon is just one of the many surprises in order for me.

It raised $1,300 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation the first year, and more than $6,600 last year.

Of course, I must do my part.

I'm all about the greater good.

Plus, these 34Ds ought to be able to bring in a few dollars! Oh boy oh boy...Big Daddy's gonna have FUN with this charitable cause!

Read more about it here.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

And the Emmy goes to...

Oh, it's a girl's favorite time...award shows!

  • Man, Gary Shandling looks OLD.
  • But Al Pacino looks HOT!
  • David Hyde Pierce looks like he might be suffering from some life-threatening illness.
  • Cynthia Nixon's win was a surprise.
  • Much as I love SATC, it's hard to imagine anyone out-acting Doris Roberts on Raymond.
  • Adam Brody makes me wish I was a teenager again.
  • I would hang his picture on my bedroom wall.
  • And daydream about marrying him.
  • I hate SJP's hair like that.
  • Who the hell is Elaine Stritch?
  • And why is she dressed like a 19th century English school boy?
  • And acting all absurd?
  • Apparently, that's her schtick.
  • Dude, Jon Stewart is short!
  • Yet another reason why he & I would make the perfect couple.
  • Why does Sharon Stone always look like she's wearing a slinky nightgown?
  • Of course, she always looks stunning in it.
  • Can't you just picture Mike Nichols as a 12-year-old nerd?
  • With plaid pants and horn-rimmed glasses?
  • I picked out that dress for her.
  • Just kidding.
  • I just want to snatch up Meryl Streep and give her a make-over.
  • The dress wasn't bad for a woman her age.
  • But what was with those huge ridiculous beads?
  • You're an American icon!
  • Freaking dress like it.
  • Icons should NOT be frumpy!
  • I'm gonna have to start watching Arrested Development.
  • Does anyone know when it's on?

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Movin' on up to the East side

This afternoon I sat down at the laptop to cruise a few blogs and Big Daddy sat down next to me. I guess he was missing me. When I came upon Region Broad's site, he said, "That's a cool design."

Now he's an IT guy & he's done his fair share of freelance web design, so this is a nice compliment from him.

I said, "Yeah, that's a Moxie site."

Of course, he didn't know what that was. So I clicked on over to the Moxie girls' site and started showing him around. It only took him about 20 seconds before he asked, "How much?"

We looked at a few packages and he said, "Well maybe that can be your Xmas present."


I'm finally gettin' me a moxie site!!

As I told Joelle, I'm probably the least technical person she'll ever work with. In her lifetime. So I have no idea how this will work or how long it will take. But I'M GETTIN' ME A MOXIE SITE!!!

As G. says...I'll keep you posted.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Friday Movie Quote

Name the movie:

"What we're dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law."

Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Post you were waiting for

Well, it was bound to happen. After spending two days in bed hopped up on pain killers, I hobbled back into work on crutches today. And you KNOW what everyone said to me: "What happened to you? You fall off your high heels?"

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Of ERs and Hurricanes

Monday night I fell over the vacuum cleaner, which we like to keep in the middle of the floor. I ended up going to the emergency room at 10 p.m. b/c I seriously thought it was broken (although Big Daddy tried to convince me otherwise). After almost six hours in the waiting room, I finally got called back. Then X-rays, a quick visit from a doctor to tell me it was only sprained, and those magic words from the nurse: "narcotic pain relievers." At 5 a.m. I finally called Big Daddy to come back & pick me up. Not real happy with the care I received there.

In other news, I'm very concerned about my home town on the coast that's about to be battered by Ivan. They're calling it the worst storm to hit the coast since Camille in '69. I survived two Category 3 storms when I lived there. I guess this one's a Four. It's kind of depressing for me. I know what those storms can do to a place.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hwy. 78 hmmmm's

Things one contemplates while driving to Tupelo, Mississippi:

  • If you are applying for an on-air job at a classical music radio station, one of the interview questions should be to pronounce the word "pianist" to make sure it doesn't sound like "penis."
  • Two trailer-homes next to each other on the side of the highway: one, a Pentecostal church; the other, a fireworks stand. Coincidence or relationship?
  • Do plastic flowers on the side of the highway in the shape of a wreath or a cross really make people drive any safer?
  • Is there some kind of ordinance that requires all seafood restaurants in the state of Mississippi to have huge catfish on their signs? Like, HUGE. Like, three-times the size of my car. Which, BTW, is actual size of catfish in the state of Mississippi, I believe.
  • Tupelo, please quit trying to claim Elvis. He was from "MEN-phus." End of story. So knock it off.
  • And lastly, how did I end up in a career that keeps requiring me to show up at THREE A.M.???

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Memphis Tigers, 2-0

Sorry, Steph. We beat UT Chattanooga tonight 52-21. Go Tigers!

DeAngelo set a school record FOUR touchdowns for a total of 251 yards. Read Geoff's take on it at "Gripe about perfection if you must." (One-time registration may be required.)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Man, I hate that

I hate when it's Tuesday but I keep thinking it's Monday b/c Monday was a holiday so I totally forget that my favorite Sex & the City reruns are on and when I remember I can't find the damn remote anywhere b/c both my boys have a horrible case of walkaroundwithit syndrome.

Man, I hate that.

Also, I hate when I tell you all about the great Labor Day weekend I had on my brother's boat down on Pickwick & then blogger fucks up and loses my post.