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100 Things

dedicated to Corporate Mommy

1. I am a product of the 80s.
2. I graduated high school in 1984.
3. I was big into choir in high school.
4. My school had a killer music program.
5. I never went to a prom.
6. No one wanted to take me.
7. I wasn’t ugly, just sort of…plain.
8. And flat-chested.
9. I was a late bloomer.
10. I’m curvy now.
11. My husband says I’m “hotter than porn.”
12. I hate people that talk in the movies.
13. I usually sit on the very back row so I don’t have anyone behind me talking.
14. I will tell people to shut up if they’re bothering me.
15. Especially kids & teenagers.
16. I live in the south but I’m not proud of it.
17. I spent the first 11 years of my life in DC.
18. My dad made me sit and watch President Nixon resign.
19. I was 8.
20. He told me I was witnessing history.
21. My parents voted for Nixon.
22. They had no political affiliations.
23. They voted for the man.
24. They were conservative though.
25. And Mormon.
26. They wouldn’t let us watch Archie Bunker or Sonny & Cher.
27. We did have a lot of Mormon Tabernacle Choir records in the house though.
28. My dad died when I was in my early 20s.
29. He was in his early 50s when I was born.
30. I have one child.
31. He never got to meet my dad.
32. I didn’t plan on only having one child.
33. I just never got around to having another one.
34. I have a very cool kid.
35. Thank god.
36. He’s not a whole lot like me though.
37. He has no musical abilities.
38. And he doesn’t particularly like ice cream.
39. I could live on ice cream.
40. I did live on ice cream when I was pregnant.
41. I figured it counted as calcium.
42. I will only drink skim milk though.
43. I’ve always been a picky eater.
44. I consider all food to fall into either a positive or a negative category.
45. Not like good-positive and bad-negative.
46. More like gram stain-positive & -negative.
47. Most of the food I like falls into the positive category.
48. Like waffles.
49. And ice cream.
50. Food with a tomato-based sauce is negative.
51. As is most of what my husband cooks.
52. Big Daddy & I have been married for almost 12 years.
53. We have precious little in common.
54. Except that we share a child together.
55. He’s not musical either.
56. He holds a disdain for all the cultural things I like.
57. And he doesn’t care much about politics.
58. He did get me hooked on basketball though.
59. Watching it, not playing it.
60. I avoid physical exertion at all costs.
61. I’m not lazy.
62. I just don’t want to break a nail.
63. I don’t have a passport.
63. I finally have a passport.
64. I’ve never needed one.
64. I had to get one to go to Monaco last summer for work.
65. Until then, I had only ever traveled outside the US to go to Mexico.
66. Turns out you don’t need a passport to go there.
66. Turns out they're changing the law and now you even need a passport to go there.
67. I am going to Monaco for work this summer.
67. Not to go there, so much, as to get back into this country.
68. I need to get my fucking passport.
68.Luckily, I'm now prepared to run off to Cancun at a moment's notice.
69. I care about issues that affect women.
70. And children.
71. And fairness to all peoples.
72. I work at a children’s cancer hospital.
72. I work at an ad agency.
73. People automatically assume that means I’m a nurse.
73. I run the PR division.
74. Which is ironic because I was once a nursing student.
74. It's a much better fit for me than all the years I spent in non-profit.
75. I changed my major a lot in college.
76. I was 30 when I finally graduated with a degree in PR.
77. I do really good on "Jeopardy!" because I know something about just about everything.
78. You want me on your team for Trivial Pursuit.
79. I think being a liberal is a good thing.
80. “Liberal” to me is equivalent to “open-minded.”
81. I fucking hate republicans.
82. And religious fanatics.
83. I live in the suburbs so there are a lot of both around here.
84. There’s pretty much a church on every corner in Memphis.
85. I don’t attend any of them.
86. I’ve given up on religion.
87. Although I haven’t completely made my mind up about God yet.
88. I’m totally addicted to crossword puzzles.
89. I’m really good at them too.
90. And if I’m doing them on paper (as opposed to online) I always do them in pen.
91. My music tastes change every couple of years.
92. Right now I’m into hip-hop what I refer to as "semi-alternative".
93. I made a perfect score on the English portion of the ACT.
94. We don’t take the SAT in the south.
95. I’m very good at grammar & usage.
96. Not so good with numbers though.
97. I never wanted to write the great American novel.
98. Or be a journalist.
99. I just want to write about what I care about.
100. Mac at pesky’apostrophe inspired me to blog.

if you don't like republicans or church fanatics, you should probably move out of memphis

this is my first time on your site, and i find it entertaining, plus you like bestweekever, perez, and go fug yourself...you must be cool

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