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I Firmly Believe:

  • That consenting adults should be able to date, love and marry anyone they damn well please.
  • That people who hurt children should be locked up for life. And people who hurt their own children should get the electric chair.
  • That chicken breasts should be pounded out really flat before cooking.
  • That I'm grossly underpaid.
  • That panty hose are evil.
  • That I could live on the French diet of fresh fruit, good cheese, crusty bread & red wine.
  • That my boss is the antichrist.
  • That a little lip gloss can change your mood.
  • That I deserve nice things.
  • That My Kid is above average.
  • That abortion is not a sin but a necessary and viable option for women.
  • That fruit should only be added to cereal by the person eating it after it's been poured into a bowl.
  • That my hair looks much better straightened. And blonde.
  • That if I pay the subscription price and have the magazine delivered to my home, I shouldn't have to rip out a gajillion subscription cards from each issue.
  • That Big Daddy is my destiny.
  • That I could post daily about the ignorant and inconsiderate nature of Memphis drivers.
  • That high heels let lose a woman's sex appeal.

I must say that for an ex-morman chick from Tennessee, you are pretty frincking cool. One of my secret wishes is to also go to a democratic convention sometiem. Maybe I will see you there. Tam from Washington state

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