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Before I Die

Get a tattoo.
Lipo my belly.
Get a Brazilian bikini wax.
Visit my dad’s grave in Syracuse.
Cruise the Greek Isles.
Visit Shelley in the Netherlands.
Own a designer purse.
And a pair of Manolos.
Attend a Broadway show.
And a Knicks game in the Garden.
Visit Pearl Harbor.
Take My Kid to the Pass Christian Mardi Gras parade.
Perform the National Anthem at a basketball game.
Get a passport.
Sunbathe topless on the Riviera.
See my name in a film’s credits.
Trade my car in on a convertible.
Own a beach house.
See the Winter Palace in Russia.
Ride a gondola in Venice.
Attend the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
Be promoted to Vice President. No, I did not accomplish this...I just changed my mind.
Meet Harry Connick, Jr.
See my Tigers win an NCAA basketball title.
Visit a French café and order in French.
Attend a designer fashion show.
Go to the Southern Hemisphere and watch the water go down the drain backwards.
Have a spa weekend.
Take a vacation by myself.
Go to a service at Al Green’s church.
Attend a Democratic National Convention.