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I'm still here...it's just been harder to see me this week

I've been so, so busy.

And so, soooo tired.

I fully intend to come home and update you on the new job, but then I fall asleep waiting for the laptop to power on.

This week, in addition to learing my way around, I've:

  • written two news releases
  • written a feature story for a publication
  • compiled three media lists comprised of more than 500 media outlets
  • attended a four-hour client meeting downtown
  • attended a reception for a video production company
  • written a publicity/visibility plan
  • read tons of information trying to learn background info on my clients

It's great! I love that they just threw a ton of work at me from the start. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I totally dig working in the creative, energetic environment. AND...my friends back at the old job still email me the stupid things that come out of my former boss's mouth. It's the best of both worlds!