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Notice Day - the afternoon

It's been pretty quiet all afternoon. No big announcement about me leaving or even an appointment for an "emergency 5-minute meeting" that D-Bitch likes to call when people have turned in their resignation (there's been quite a rash of them in our dept. lately).

I know she was in the boss's office for a while with the door shut.

And now he's sent me an email asking me to come in and "chat" at 4. I wonder if I'm in for one of his long-winded speeches. God, that man loves to hear his own voice. I won't miss that.

I doubt there's going to be any kind of counter-offer. In the eight years I've worked for him, I've never known him to make one. He always says, "If they're not happy here, we should let them go." He doesn't try to keep anyone.

At any rate, I won't stand for any lectures or attempts to guilt-trip me. I'd almost treasure the opportunity to stand up and say, "I don't have to listen to this anymore" and walk out of his big, messy corner office.

Update, 6:09 p.m.:
I'm telling you, my boss is a dick even when he's trying to be sincere. Maybe he was feeling some guilt himself, (more likely he wanted to make sure I wasn't saying anything bad about him in the exit interview...) but he sure wanted to make it clear that HE DID NOT RUN ME OFF.

"Besides myself, you're probably the one person who is responsible for the growth of this department." Dude, I know, and I totally took credit for that when I interviewed for my new job!

"I really value your strategic vision and was hoping to have that AND have D-Bitch as the Director." And you seriously thought I would hang around for THAT offer?

"You're bright. You're very bright." I'm just not director-material, huh?

"Let me just give you one piece of advice, as your mentor and your friend..." Eh-cue' me? Since when did we become FRIENDS? And MENTOR? Don't even go there. I'd rather gnaw off my own arm than model my career after you, mother-fucker.

At least D-Bitch says all the "right" things as a properly-trained manager should. This guy? He couldn't get it right if you gave it to him on a teleprompter.