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The Big O

As per usual, I've seen practically none of the Oscar-nominated films, but I've read A LOT about them so of course I know much more than the average citizen.

The only one I've seen is Hustle & Flow. And "March of the Penguins" - which frankly, didn't excite me much. Oh, and Crash, which I liked a lot. But there are several movies I've been wanting to see, even before the Oscar buzz started:
Walk the Line
You know it was filmed here in Memphis. And my husband is madly in love with Reese Witherspoon. So it's frankly a little surprising that we haven't seen it yet.
Good Night, and Good Luck
I'm a history buff, and then there's that whole media aspect. And, too, the Clooney thing who I earnestly believe is the most eligible bachelor on the face of the planet.
Brokeback Mountain
Believe it or not, this wasn't playing all that widely down here in the Bible Belt prior to last weekend.
I have wanted to see this for. ever. I don't think it ever even played here. And now, supposedly, it's out on DVD. Not that my Blockbuster would know it.
I know the story, but I never read In Cold Blood. Still, fascinating. And Hoffman, he's so cool.

Then there's the list of those films that don't appeal to me in the least:
Bo-ring. If I want to hear about the oil business, I'll turn on the news. Plus, the Clooney? Fat.
Pride & Prejudice
The reviews were really mixed on this - some loved it, some trashed it. I just didn't really think it was screaming to be re-made just yet.
North Country
I don't really like movies where the characters have dirty fingernails. And risk rape. Eww.
My conscience tells me I should care more about this movie than I do. I maybe could have bought into it if it wasn't starring the Incredible Hulk.
The Constant Gardner
First, I don't even know what this movie is about. Big Daddy rented it, and said it was okay, but I didn't watch it.

Who I think will win:
Best Picture - Brokeback Mountain
Best Actor - Phil Seymour Hoffman
Best Actress - Reese Witherspoon
Supporting Actor - Paul Giamatti
Supporting Actress - Rachel Weisz
Best Director - Ang Lee

Who I think SHOULD win:
Best Picture - Crash
Best Actor - Terrence Howard
Best Actress - Reese Witherspoon
Supporting Actor - Matt Dillon, just because really?! MATT DILLON? AN OSCAR?
Supporting Actress - Amy Adams
Director - George Clooney