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Swimming right along

It's amazing how easy it is when you're going downstream.

I've been applying for jobs - including some that seem really exiciting! I've already started some freelance work, and I'm drumming up some more of that - I'll keep that up until I find just the job I want. No sense rushing into the first thing I find. I've already decided that I DON'T want to work for an agency or a hospital, so that narrows down a few of the positions being advertised in town. I will however do freelance work for either of them.

I've applied for these jobs:
1. "Social Responsibility" communications position at the largest corporate office in town (good money; great benefits; job security; outstanding future opps) - basically running their United Way campaign, which is a good fit for my non-profit background.
2. MarCom manager for a biotech company - again, corporate is good! And I worked with several biotech clients at the agency.
3. Community relations manager for large book store company - the ad said "Must be passionate about books." I KNOW!!! RIGHT???

Today I have a list of things a mile long to do:
1. Two freelance writing assignments - one's already completed.
2. Clean up, update and decorate my upstairs office - I need my space. I'm going to hang the stuff that used to be in my work office.
3. Pack up My Kid's old clothes and drop them at Goodwill (they are starting to take over my upstairs landing)
4. Wash my dog - OK, that wasn't originally on my list, but then I let him inside and peee-yeww.
5. Laundry - I'm already on the second load.
6. Collect some writing samples for distribution to possible freelance hirers.
7. Create a portfolio - which hello? Yeah, good thing to have. Knucklehead.
8. Check new job listings
9. Meet sponsor at noon meeting
10. Cook dinner - which you'd think a non-working mother could do once in a while.

Now, here's a question for you:
If your company were to feature you on its web site and wanted some kind of quote to put by your name - something that captures your life philosphy...."words to live by" as it were - what would your quote be?