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An Update

I spent much of the day with my AA "sponsor" today. She volunteers at a treatment center and she dragged me out there today to work with people who have it waaaaaay worse than I ever dreamed of being.

She's kinda sneaky the way she inserts gratitude into my life like that.

I've got an appointment tomorrow to meet with a friend of mine who has her own agency. She's got some freelance writing for me to do.

I just had lunch with another friend of mine Monday - the day before my life completely fell apart I lost my job. He's leaving our old company to start his own consulting firm. I talked to him today and his first gig he's got lined up is a PR project and he's going to partner up with me on that.

I've got a lead on another woman in town with a recently depleted staff that may throw some freelance work my way.

My colleague Amy said my old boss is already talking about hiring me to do some freelance jobs. Which I think is kinda weird - they cut me lose but then hire me as a freelancer? I'll have to think about that one. I'm not sure if I would do it or not.

I spent all evening working on my resume. Holy shit. I'm beat. I kept it to one page....in 8-POINT ARIAL! Shit, that's a freaking TON of information. If that don't get me a job, nothing will.

I'm all choked up at how everyone has rallied around me through this. I've never even met most of you - hell, some of you aren't even MY readers - but you have totally renewed my faith in humankind. I'm so warmed by your outpouring of well wishes and comforted by your kind words and teary at your gentle encouragement. I am so lucky and so grateful and this is way, way better than winning any damn blog awards. To show my appreciation I'm mailing each and every one of you a new XBox360, so watch for that in the mail, mkay? You can thank me later.