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I just got the worst email ever from my boss

Do you have time to meet with B.C. and me this afternoon to touch base on a couple things? Say 3:30?

This is bad for a number of reasons:
  1. We just lost a big account yesterday....the one paying account I was actually still working on.
  2. I've been here eight months and have yet to have any type of review or feedback whatsoever on my job performance.
  3. Which, of course, leads me to believe that I SUCK.
  4. And am about to be fired.
  5. Because, even though we lost the ad account, too, it is obviously ALL MY FAULT.
  6. My boss hates me.
  7. She wants to meet with me AND the president of the company.
  8. She was purposely vague in the email as to what the meeting is about.
  9. And I have to wait all. freaking. day. to find out.
How's your day?