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I like staying at home

I still get up at 6:30 to get My Kid off to school - get him in the shower, make his breakfast, make sure he's got all the requisite dress code parts.

Do a little work around the house - clean the kitchen, sweep and vacuum the downstairs. Throw a load of towels in the wash. Watch the Today show, Charmed reruns, Isaac Mizrahi. It's great - I haven't watched tv in the morning in AGES. Read the newspapers online. Check emails. Read blogs. Shower, clean up, go to Starbucks. Actually SIT in starbucks and drink a coffee and read. Do the crossword puzzle. Meet my sponsor at a noon meeting for fellowship and guidance and inspiration. Look for jobs in the afternoon. Network. Make connections. Go to yoga. Cook dinner. Read blogs. Check email. Watch some tv. Fold the laundry. Go to bed early.

Freelancing is looking BETTER AND BETTER ALL THE TIME!