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Skanky Ho Barbie

We actually did do a little Xmas shopping this weekend. My Kid talked us into taking him to Toys R Us on Wednesday evening, so we went ahead and bought gifts for my brother's kids (whom I ADORE) while we were there.

He likes cars and trucks. That was easy. Hot Wheels or Matchbox or whatever. I whole set of 'em, plus a big carrier truck to roll 'em up into. Vroom.

Now my niece, she likes Bratz. First, can you even believe that they make dolls called "Bratz"? Since when did being a brat become a good thing?? And anyway, she looks like the Steve Madden ads.

Oh but wait. It gets better. While on the Dolls R Us aisle, I'm looking at the Barbies they had on the shelf. And I could not believe what I saw. Now it took me a while to find this online. All they show there is Barbie as Sandy from Grease and Barbie Fairytopia. Although I did find this. ROWR!

But then finally I found it. Can you believe it? They tried to hide her as "Fashion Show Teresa Doll with Fiber-Optic Light-Up Shirt." Ha! But I found her.

Now you tell me,would you buy Skanky Ho Barbie for your daughter? Is THIS what we want our young girls to aspire to?

Damn that Brittany Spears.