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Work History

Just to get you up to speed on where things are today:

August 1997 - June 2005
Worked in communications for national nonprofit organization. Left to run the PR department of a local ad agency.

June 2005 - January 2006
Ran the PR division of an ad agency. It was just me & one other girl (who was awesome). When we lost a big account, they laid off three people - an art director, the media director and me. Since then, another art director and the creative director have left. Maybe it wasn't such a great career move afterall.

January 2006 - present
A woman I used to work with (but never actually worked for) at Nonprofit calls me to offer me some freelance work. She opened her own PR firm about two-and-a-half years ago. I telecommute on a few accounts and run the PR for the DA's re-election campaign. (He won.)

August 2006
Nonprofit calls new firm. Woman who replaced me lasted about five months before she ran screaming from the building (and from the city). Nonprofit wants to contract with new firm to have me come back in and do my old job through the end of the year. New boss & I decide we've got them next to that proverbial rock and charge an ungodly hourly rate for our services. Heh. They set me up in their offices with a laptop, direct phone line and email account. It's almost like I work there again.

January 8, 2007
Friday was my last day working at the Nonprofit's offices. I'm still logging a few hours for them wrapping some things up, but I'm now working out of the PR firm's offices. While I was at Nonprofit, the Firm moved into a hip new loft space in the South Main district. It's very cool (Big Daddy & I are going to move down here when the Kid goes to college.) and I now have my own work space. And time to blog. Heh.

Cool! Here we call the South Main area SoMa. Counting down the days til kid goes to college... only what... 4,5 years?

Congratulations on the new digs. I think your Nonprofit and my Nonprofit are the same Nonprofit.

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