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Live Blogging the People's Choice Awards

Or, You know you're desperate for awards season when....

Queen looks....errm...like she spent more on hair extensions than she did on her dress.
That is one big ass rock on Eva Longoria's finger.
See does Halle have a baby bump.
Uhh, sorry Perez. No way. Not in that dress.
Just so you know, not everyone from Memphis talks like Emily Proctor.
Who puts this list together anyway? How can there be a Favorite Male Singer and JT's not even a nominee? Come on, three country singers??
Well you knew Jennifer Aniston was going to win that one. I feel a little sorry for her b/c it's like she wants to talk about the personal stuff, but she doesn't really want to mention it, so she just kind of hints around about it. Awkward.
Is it me, or is Johnny Depp developing a bit of a British accent?
Is it bad that I haven't even seen any of the nominees for Favorite Movie Comedy?
I'm probably not one to speak to this, but I just do not think Cameron Diaz looks good with dark hair. It doesn't look natural on her.
Prediction: Favorite Talk Show Host: Ellen DeGeneres
BING! I'm right.
Oh look, she's got those girls form her audience w/ her. (She told them if she went onstage she'd take them w/ her. )
Jason Ritter looks like Jim Carey to me. Don't you think that's weird? And highly improbable?
You can tell how much makeup these women are wearing b/c their face is one color and their decolletage is another.
I wonder if The People who voted for Cameron for Favorite Leading Lady would change their vote now that she & JT are broken up and she's no longer the chosen one.
Hmm...please notice the pink face and yellow chest.
This performance by the ex-Mr. Zellweger makes me wish I was watching this on the DVR so I could FAST FORWARD. Why does he always look like he's wearing long johns? Hey Kenny, Pa Ingalls called...he wants his shirt back!
Who is this loudmouth girl trying to get us to go to the website to vote? And why is she wearing so many necklaces?
Who's that girl Charlie Sheen kissed when his show won?
I must say, he's aging well for a hard-partying, sex addict drug user. Maybe he's had a little work done.
Prediction: Favorite Male TV Star: McDreamy
BING BING! Right again.
And for the record, me & Keiffer - same age. And did you see those huge deep crow's feet around his eyes in his clip?
Ya'll Halle is BARELY wearing that dress. I liked her better when her hair was short and she wore a bra.
And when she didn't solicit work from the studio audience.
Oh gawd. I could've gone all day without having to see the offspring of Achy Breaky Heart guy. Can't he afford to buy the girl braces?
Prediction: Favorite R&B Song: SexyBack
BING! BING! BING! That JT is one funny guy. He acted like he was winning for his Dick in a Box song.
Look, here's Keiffer live. Let's check out how he's aging for reals: Yikes. Crow's feet AND bags.
Eva Longoria is seriously the size of a 12-year-old.
Once again, I've not seen any of the nominees for Favorite New TV Comedy. Not really my year for comedies I guess.
It goes without saying on this show that you know in advance who the winners are b/c they're the ones who are actually at the show.
You know, I don't really get the appeal of Vince Vaughn. He looks like a zombie to me.

Annnd...we're out.

Gotta love when award show season starts...

I got a good gossip site for you that might be interesting to check out tomorrow - www.laineygossip.com

She's pretty right on the money... and totally agree with you re: Cameron & the makeup v. decolettage theory - or too much orange oompa loompa color...

HAPPY 2007! You made me realize something I read late last year.In 1970 there were three--3--awards shows. Now there's something like 16. I think in this case "less is more". Love Jennifer Aniston and have always felt she is better off without Brad Pitt. Yeah the Vaughn thing is weird. But then, people come and go in that industry. All good points!

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