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They Make the Man

Our school district has adopted a new dress code this year. They toyed with the idea of UNIFORMS but luckily, no. The new rules say no tank tops, no belly shirts, shorts & skirts no more than 4 inches from the knee, no flip-flops. I'm OK with all that.

The WEIRD rule is the tucked in shirts thing. All shirts have to be tucked in and if there are belt loops, belts must be worn.

So they can still wear jeans and t-shirts, they just have to tuck in the shirt and wear a belt.

I'm sorry. This is not teaching them to be neat and tidy and responsible with their appearance. No, this is just teaching them REALLY BAD FASHION SENSE.

My Kid tried on his size 14 pants from last year, but they're too tight and too short. So I ordered him four more pair from the Old Navy web site in the next size up - a 16!! Keep in mind, the Kid's just now turning 12!

The box arrived yesterday and guess what? TOO SMALL. They're plenty long enough, but they're too tight. He'll outgrow them in a month. Which is weird, b/c he's never been a "hefty" boy. In fact, ask my Jewish MIL and she'll tell you how worried about him she is b/c HE'S SO DAMN SKINNY!

I noticed when we were at the beach that he's thickening around the middle a bit, but still. I'd guess he's about 5 feet tall and weighs maybe 100? You wouldn't think he'd need SIZE 18 PANTS. But that's what he's getting.