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California, Here I Come

This week my project at work has two events going on in Southern California. I was very honored to be asked to attend one of them - the first time since I've been back that they've asked me to travel. One of the events is a video shoot in LA with Jennifer Aniston. The other is a presentation by our CEO at a corporate partner's annual meeting in Palm Desert. I was asked to go to Palm Desert. I'm trying not to be bitter about that.

One way to look at it is that it's a new destination for me. I've never been to the Palm Springs/Palm Desert area. And the place we're staying is amazing:

So I figure, this is where celebs go when they want to get away from LA for a weekend of relaxing golf and spa services. At which point I realized the panicking fact that I DO NOT HAVE A PALM SPRINGS WARDROBE.

Ironically enough, the most appropriate thing I own for my time there is probably a pair of white city shorts.

Then, in cases of emergencies such as this, I think a long lunch hour is warranted for shopping, of course it's work related ;)

Have fun in Palm Springs!

Excuse me, but you are a scant 4 hour drive away from me.

Get in a car, sister!

So look at it like this: If it's where celebs go to relax, you'll likely see/meet someone even more fabulous than Jennifer Anniston! ...Angelina Jolie? Oh, that was low. ;)

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