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That's the problem with these things, you gotta watch them every minute

Me (noticing My Kid's Teenager's old dirty tennis shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor): "Well I see he's not wearing his old shoes. I guess that means he's cutting the grass in his new ones."

Big Daddy: "Actually, he's cutting the grass in his socks."

Happy Birthday my little boy! baby son! favorite child handsome, hulking teenage boy!!! The day you came into my life was the Best Day Ever. They should make a VH1 show about it. I love you!


Happy birthday to him, and to you, as his mommy!

Happy belated to your baby boy! (Yeah, mine is almost as tall as I am now, but he's still my baby, dammit!)

Welcome to the world of mother of teenager-dom! As you said in your last post, you look good, though. You still look good. And that's all that really matters. ;)

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