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All the news that's fit to post

Between the excruciating pain and the high-stress job, I've found myself spending a lot of time awake during the night. The good news is, I come up with some really great posts. The other good news is I can't ever seem to get on Blogger so it doesn't matter that I can't remember any of the posts.

I believe that one of them had something to do with the guy who won So You Think You Can Dance being a Mormon - an RM, actually [return missionary] - and that I hope he's prepared to receive letters and emails from all the impressionable Mormon youth chastising him because there's no way he could be wearing the secret Mormon underwear under his costumes. I know for a fact that this will come to pass, because when I was a kid and I thought the Donnie & Marie show was the greatest thing on earth after only Little House on the Prairie, I remember my sister and her teenage friends wrote letters to Marie for this very reason, even though she was probably only 19 and hadn't yet even been assigned her secret underwear. But that's boring and who needs another post about the Mormons anyway?

The tooth is better so you don't have to listen to that anymore. Yesterday was the first day I was not in extreme pain. Now it just kind of dully throbs.

In other news...
As of tomorrow, I will be the mother of a teenager. God help me. I look good, though.

I spent the past two days with a British woman. Now all my thoughts are in a British accent.

I rented the DVDs of "Weeds." What an awesomely great show!!! I watched the entire first season last weekend, now I have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to see any more. Or I could subscribe to Showtime.

Last weekend I went to the library by my house to get something to read. (I still owe you reviews of the last books I had out.) I thought the parking lot looked really empty for 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Turns out they were closed because the AC was out. So I thought I'd pick up a paperback at the grocery store (I needed to pick up some cake mix for the birthday boy). Unfortunately, I don't read mysteries or romance novels, which apparently is all the Kroger in Cordova thinks their suburban shoppers want to read. But then I stumbled upon a book by Bill Bryson. I read one of his before - the one where he moved back to a small town in New Hampshire after living in England for like 20 years. I think it was maybe I'm a Stranger Here Myself. He's a delightful writer. I enjoyed the book and then I sent it to my sister because she actually used to live in the very same small town where Mr. Bryson lived in New Hampshire but she never so much as acknowledged the thoughtful (if used) gift. Anyway, this one is called In a Sunburned Country and it's about his travels in Australia. It's so interesting, because it's nonfiction and you really learn a lot about places but he's so entertaining. Two thumbs up. (And I'm only on Chapter 4.)

So how 'bout those Emmy's? Did you watch? Dude, guess the designers are showing a lot of PURPLE on the catwalks this year, huh? Sadly, I'll have to rethink my Most Beautiful Woman on TV award. Mariska Hargitay looks SO GOOD on Law & Order. The long hair does nothing for her. Although (in all fairness) I think she was carrying a little baby weight. And Izzy from Gray's Anatomy looked so beautiful. Why did she have to go and ruin it by wearing her boobs down around her waist? IT'S CALLED A BRA, WOMAN! But don't even get me started on the red carpet interviewers. What the fuck is up with that? Joan Rivers is just gross and disgusting and I refuse to waste any minutes of my life watching her dumb ass on TV. Over on the E! network, Ryan Seacrest (who, let's face it, is completely superfluous) interviewed people that he didn't even know if they were nominated or not! ("So, Hugh Laurie, this must be a really exciting night for you!") On NBC is the equally ignorant Billy Bush was making a complete idiot of himself. They really should let me do it. I would be sooooo much better than those morans.


I didn't get thru the whole post bc I was on hold with Cingular and we fought for a hour. I got it fixed sorta. Anyways as far as remembering great posts put a notepad by your nightstand and write down notes about your great posts. Thats what I have been doing for the Daddy Diary

You don't have trackback anymore, so I thought I'd let you know that over the next few days or so I intend to write something related to the first paragraph of this post, because coincidentally I've been pondering something similar.

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