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I need your help, Internets

The big thing this year for My Kid's school is they're not allowed to carry around their backpacks. They say they're trying to teach the kids "organization" by making them use a binder to carry everything. I'm not sure if that's entirely true, but I'm not going to argue it.

Anyway, we bought one of those big binders from Office Depot with pockets and dividers etc. as instructed. And it has lasted ONE MONTH. He's been in school since Aug. 7 and the damn thing is falling apart already. The rings don't stay closed and all his stuff falls out.

Can someone recommend a brand or a place to shop for a good, heavy-duty school binder?

Also, have any of ya'll's kids read the Whangdoodle book? He's telling me his friends are recommending it so I'm wondering if it's the next "Because of Winn Dixie." I'm a little confused because it's written by Julie Andrews (yes, THAT Julie Andrews) but when I was looking for it online, I accidentally came across a different use of the word.

Here's someone who had the exact same predicament. I did some research, and it appears the one they wound up liking is the "Mead XPANZ Binder". Perhaps that's a partial lead...

Wow. I certainly hope that's not what the book is about!

how bout one of those binders that is within a zipper case. at least the papers wont go anywhere. i havent looked into where these can be found but i've seen them in my years of working-

I was going to say one of those zippered ones too. My kiddo has a 'way cool' fabric zippered one.

Don't know about a binder but I'm laughing at that book title. How could anyone (JAndrews included) not get an obscene vibe off that word? HAHA!

"The Last of The Really Great Wangdoodles" by Julie Andews Edwards is one of my daughter's favorite books. She is now onto "Mandy" also by JAE.

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