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Impossible instructions

Remember when I said that the tooth is all better, so you don't have to listen to that anymore? I lied.

It seems that I am to be plagued with every possible painful and irritating side effect that comes with having a tooth extracted. They had warned me that the bones formerly holding the tooth in place would shift around and possibly jut out from my gums in a hard, bony mass. Which of course happened to me. And now, it's broken through the gum.

Yes, I have a sharp bone poking out of my gum and into the side of my tongue. So I call the doctor and he says, "Those things usually round themselves out. The important thing is to leave it alone and try not to touch it."

Don't touch that sore in your mouth with your tongue??? He might as well tell me, "Close your eyes and don't think about elephants. " Or, "Go try on shoes, but don't buy anything."

I'm so sorry :( That's gotta hurt like a b*tch...

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