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You'd think this list would be longer.

Things I was able to accomplish this week as a work-at-home-mom:
1. Made sandwiches for My Kid when he came home from school.
2. Attended two morning yoga classes (with a bunch of women over 50).
3. And three AA meetings.
4. Logged 10 billable work hours.
5. Baked and decorated valentines cookies with My Kid.
6. Went to lunch with An.
7. Washed, dried and put away four loads of laundry.
8. Cleaned out my office at my old job.
9. Cleaned out and set up my office at the house.
10. Drank 13 coffees from Starbucks.
11. Went grocery shopping.
12. Washed the dog.
13. Re-filled all of the soap dispensers in the house (4).

Things I couldn't seem to accomplish even though I didn't have to go to work:
1. Cooking dinner.
2. Putting clean sheets on the beds, or short of that, at least folding and putting away the pile of clean sheets sitting wadded up on my ironing board.
3. Getting my hair cut & colored.
4. Finishing my Tom Wolfe book. (geez, that man can drag out a story.)
5. Seeing any Oscar-nominated movies.
6. Putting together a portfolio.