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It's probably OK to blog about a PAST job, don't you think?

I mean, what more can they do to me that they haven't already done?

Late Friday afternoon I got a call from one of our vendors. I've worked with this company for years. They actually work with a lot of PR people around the city. He said that someone from another agency was considering a job at my old place of employment. I guess she knew that this vendor had done a lot of work there, so she called him asking his opinion of the place. As she described the job to him, he said, "That sounds like Kalisah's old job."

So he called me, and asked if I knew this girl (I do) and would I be willing to talk to her about the job? Give her some inside scoop. I said, "Sure. Tell her to call me."

After I got off the phone with him, I looked up the job on my old company's web site. Oh yeah, it's my job all right...PROMOTED TO THE DIRECTOR LEVEL.

I mentioned before that some of my old colleagues told me at my birthday party that my old boss has said numerous times recently, "Now, there's no secret that a big hole's been left in Kalisah's absence." I guess, after six months, they've decided they really CAN'T live without me and they're going to have to find someone to fill these beautiful and expensive shoes.

I just find it quite ironic that, while they never would promote ME to director level, the job they're advertising for is a director-level position. Fuckers.

So this evening, I go to yoga class, and guess who's in the class? The agency girl who's applied for the job. I'm telling ya, this is one small town I live in. So we talked a bit and she's going to call me tomorrow at the office. I said, "I can give you a quick overview in five minutes over the phone, or we can meet for lunch and I can give you all the details." We're having lunch Wednesday.

Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to tell her. I don't want to bad-mouth my old boss or anything, b/c she might take the job and they could end up best buddies. And what about the guy - the one who was always trashing me behind my back? What of that? I mean, his WIFE is now a SENIOR DIRECTOR in that department.

I know this girl's work though. She's very good. I'd love to see her come in and take a little control away from those morons up there who ran me off.