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The Religious Rite

My mother is being re-baptized into the Mormon church today.

It's like some really big deal. Our old family friends (from before I was born even) have come in from Salt Lake for the occasion. They made us late for dinner last night because they insisted on going to a "session" at the Memphis Temple while they were here. Which, hello? You live in Salt Lake City. There's like 40 Mormon Temples out there. What can you possibly need to go to this tiny little Memphis one for?

My sister and her family are driving in from Virginia. They're the only practicing Mormons left in our family (since my dad passed). My brother-in-law, being the only priesthood-holder in the family, is going to baptize my mom this afternoon.

Last night I met my mom and the Utah representation for dinner. Somehow the conversation took a turn towards my liberal political leanings. But I was able to keep in light and (hopefully) inoffensive. For the most part. I didn't whip out my photo of me and The President or anything.

After dinner, I came home and watched "BIG LOVE" on the DVR. I felt much better after that. Then I went to bed and had a dream that my sister is actually the SECOND wife of her priesthood-holding husband and they were secret polygomists. Heh.

I don't believe the reason I've been getting mail from the LDS church has anything to do w/ my mom joining up -- mainly b/c it's been addressed to my maiden name. If she had turned me in, she would've told them my married name at least. Still, I should maybe wear a "Hillary 2008" button when I go there today. Just to make sure I don't get any 19-year-old missionaries knocking on my door.

I'm hoping the missionaries lose my address and don't show up at the new place. Got any extra buttons - I might need to stave off the rabid ;)

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