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It's KARMA, baby

I have a meeting Monday about a new contract freelance job. Anybody want to take a guess what it is?

It's my old job. The one at the hospital, where I worked for 8 years and was unceremoniously told I didn't need to work out my two-weeks notice? Yeah. That one. I KNOW!!! The girl who replaced me turned in her resignation today and there is quite literally no one in the city qualified to manage that project on this short of notice but ME.

So they want to pay me to handle the project one more time.

I am stunned.

Demand more money! :)

And is it just me, or have they really fallen off the radar since you left?

That's fabulous news Kalisah and I agree - demand more money - they are up the creek and you are holdin' the paddle...

I love that. Karmic justice never smelled so sweet, yah?

Demand so much money you're almost embarrassed.

i can feel the taste of revenge creeping up. demand more money!

let them know that they lost their most valuable person ever!!


They better make it worth your while.... since they're in such a vulnerable position.


I would love to see the guy who "asked you to leave" explain to his boss.
Him=I need more money to pay the coordinator.
Boss=Why I thought you hired a new coordinator that was cheaper.
Him=well there’s been a slight problem.
boss=I don’t want to hear about problems I want results.
him=Well the cheaper person couldn’t do the job and quit, and the only person qualified to do the job is the person I got rid of. So she is asking for a 200% increase in salary. Boss=why in hells name did you fire her in the first place. Are you some kind of moron? Do you want to just toss my money away? I expect you to find that money out of your budget, even if it comes out of your own paycheck. Which your lucky you still have one of those. Now get out of here I have work to do. You find that money.
Boss=mutters under his breath ‘I knew I shouldn’t of hired my brother-in-laws kid, stupidity runs in the family’

Payback is a beeeeeatch!!!!!!!

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