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Freedom to SHOP

I love that retail establishments are the only things open on holidays.

I went out to Parisian to purchase some appropriate undergarments for this dress (which, in addition to the halter top, has a low, low back AND is totally see-through). The department store is pretty new to Memphis, although I once did an event at one in Birmingham, and this was the first time I've actually shopped there. I was pleased to see a very well-rounded shoe department including Donald J. Pliner, Ferragamo, Stuart Weizman....all the usual suspects. And great Independence Day sales.

$475 purple high-heeled Pucci clogs for $140. Which are going to look adorable with a pair of skinny jeans this fall.

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Now THAT is a thing of beauty... Fabulous find, Kalisah - Fabulous!

Very cute!

Do you have wonderful little petite feet? Like a size 6 ½ or one of those wonderful sizes.. I wish I had small feet. I have a size 10, which truly sucks. Because you never find good deals on size 10 monster shoes… (makes sound like Frankenstein)
Good deal on those shoes they are beautiful.

actually, yes....size 6.

I t hink I need to see them modeled to make an accurate determination.

I think I heard angels heralding that incredible sale purchase. They are gorgeous.

I LOVE THEM!!! $140 what a steal, they were giving them away. Lucky you!!

shut UP... those shoes are AWESOME.

Kalisah...you and I are shoe sisters, I know it. With both of us wearing a size 6, if we combined our collections we would put Imelda Marcos to shame!

My current favorites are also by Pucci; they're printed satin pumps with a PINK heel, a round toe and a silver ring on the vamp. Also purchased at a steep discount on a very, very lucky day.

There's nothing like the thrill of getting a high-end shoe on the cheap!! Bravo :)

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