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Interview update

Carmen reminded me that I hadn't let ya'll know how the meeting went with my old boss.

We met for lunch at the Peabody - me, the girl who replaced me, my old boss, and my current boss of the agency that I've been freelancing with. (Long convoluted story, but the contract is actually gping to be through her firm. B/c they've contracted with her agency before, it cuts down on the red tape and allows us to get started right away.)

My old boss was really nice to me. Really, really, overly nice, I thought. They updated me on the project and I was surprised to learn that they're now outsourcing ALL the materials (save for internet). So the job has become a glorified babysitter taking care of the agencies that are producing the printed pieces and television spots.

Tomorrow morning I'm going back - into the building this time - to meet the Executive Director of the program that the project is for. She came on just this year and while I've worked with her on a couple photo shoots previously she probably won't remember me. Back then she was a consultant and I was just the peon staff.

It seems a little weird that they want to hire me as a consultant and I have to "interview" with this woman, but I think it's just a formality really. So she can meet me. She is the one paying the invoice, afterall.

The other thing I learned is that I'm going to be located up on the sixth floor, with the program team, not on the first floor with the Communications team. That's going to be a little weird. It comes down to "We're paying her; we want her up here with our team." OK by me.

So I guess tomorrow we'll finalize all the details and when I get back from vacay next week I'll start me new....er, old....job. The $$ part of it will be negotiated between my current boss and the ED of the program. But I gave my boss and dollar figure - I said, "I won't do it for less than $XX an hour." - and she said she'd get it for me. Actually, she'll get that, plus a few for her, too. Everybody wins!

You rock, K. Best wishes with the further interview, but I have no doubts. Movin' on up indeed.

Whoot! Money for shoes!

You are amazing!

that's gotta be a good feeling, Kalisah.

I think new shoes are in order!

I emailed you my response to this because I did not want to offend any of your readers with my religious view on this situation you are facing...
Love ya dearly


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