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Conversation between me & My Kid about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

My Kid: You know who the bad guy in the movie is?

Me: The guy with the snakes coming out of this face?

Kid: Davy Jones.

Me: DAVY JONES?? DAVY JONES is the bad guy?!

Me (singing) (in a British accent): Girrrl - look what you've done to me.

Kid: ....

Me: Me - and my whole worrrld.

Kid: ....

Me: Davy Jones was the lead singer of The Monkees.

Kid: ....

Me: Sang at Marcia's prom?

Kid: You know, Davy Jones' chest.

Me: ....

Kid: The Flying Dutchman?

Me: Ahh, from Spongebob.

Kid: Well, yeah, he's on there, too. But you know how the first movie was based on Blackbeard? This one is based on Davy Jones.

Me: I'm sorry, but I can't take seriously a movie where the bad guy is DAVY JONES.

Me: Girrrl - look what you've done to me....

Well, if he was a cute Davy Jones, could you seriously have seen him as a bad guy?

Kids just don't get the Monkees nowadays... They should have named the ugly guy Peter Jones j/k

Ha, ha, ha funny.

ha ha ha! Man, I love the Monkees.

The first one was not about Blackbeard. The villian is Davy Jones in the current Pirates movie as in Davy Jones Locker ala the bottom of the ocean. DavEy Jones is the ex-Monkey. He would be a terrifing villian if he would just stand up. I am standing up. Oh, sorry.


That was crazy FUNNY! Where do you come up with this stuff? I'll keekp you posted

Hey hey we're the monkees..... I was JUST talking about Davy with my friend. We spotted a guy who had Davy hair....(not a good thing)


How did the interview go?

I'm DYING over here.

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