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Check it out, ya'll!!

I got a troll. Dude, I didn't even know I was popular enough to have a troll! This is so exciting!

A quick update from the beautiful Florida gulf coast beaches, where I am on vacay with the familay. (It sounds like I'm speaking igpay atinlay doesn't it?) Upon return, it appears that I am in fact going back to work at my old job. I did some shopping at the outlet mall here and I bought some skirts at (*gasp*) Brooks Brothers. I KNOW!! But I have to dress conservatively this time round so as not to get myself into trouble again.

And I bought the cutest black & white dress at Ann Taylor (which I can not find online to show you). And a white Coach bag on sale for $74.

Otherwise, am enjoying the sun, the sand, the surf, the sea, the shore. Love to you all til my return. XOXO

Yay for the gaining of a troll*snicker* ;p
I'm new,thought I'd say Helloooo.
It sounds like you got some great deals while shopping,always good times:)

hello and welcome! Don't let the rude visitors scare you off - I let everyone in.

Wow. That is kind of exciting. But very rude too. Who cares though, you're on the beach in Florida.

Shopping, yippie!!

I hope you are having a superb vacation!

Well, I'll expose my complete lack of social savvy....what is a 'troll'?

P.S. Your blog is fun! Enjoy your vacation and I hope all goes well with the job when you get back.

I a little jealous! I wish (only kinda, though) I had a troll. Keep up the blogging, I enjoy reading it. xoxo

Brooks Brothers?

I'll keep you posted

Hmmm... I thought I left a comment to this post!


I think I mentioned that at least your troll doesn't call you a fat whore like mine does. (I'll give him fat, but whore? NEVER!)

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