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5 Things I Simply Can Not Believe

1. That anyone in Hollywood would still give M. Night Shyamalan money to make movies.
2. That I have a killer toothache two days before I'm scheduled to leave on vacation.
3. That Diane Lane let Ann Curry cut off all her beautiful hair on the Today show.
4. That the makers of my BCP have suddenly (after 20 years) stopped making them??? And I had to find out from the pharmacy when I called in my refill.
5. That Owen Wilson isn't stoned 95 percent of the time.

I loved M. Night, but he really blew it with The Village (a pick of mine for worst movie of all time...posting this weekend)

I'm hoping he redeems himself with his new film.

Wait, Diane Lane cut off all her hair? WHY?! I know it's probably for charity, but still. WHY!?

Come on - M. Night Shamalamadingdong really bombed with The Village but Signs was awesome.

see, I didn't like Signs. I was all, "They're destroyed by water so they landed on a planet that's 90 percent....WATER?" I just didn't get it but, admittedly, I watched it after I'd seen the Village so I was kinda down on M.

Diane Lane grew her hair along with her daughter to donate it to Locks of Love; they make human hair wigs for women that lose their hair due to illness.

As for the BCP, they are all going to lower hormone doses. The pill is still effective and the danger of side effects is greatly reduces.

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I still loved The Sixth Sense enough to overlook the stupidity of Signs. Never saw the Village after not hearing anything good about it.

totally off subject, could you me what the name of that website that has the name of songs off tv shows, i can't seem to find your archives..which is ad bc i wanted to reread some old stories


I can't believe that you are still blogging and people actually read your crap! You're a dork. You have to over dress and over apply make up for your lack of a personality!

Well anonymous you are apparently in top form yourself, being that you are not even man/woman enough to put your name on it. If you believe it, own it. Or keep it to yourself.

I totally agree. M needs to take a quick break and regroup. The Village was a total waste of reel. And the new movie about the lady in the lake looks like it might dissapoint as well. He hit it big with Sixth Sense but hasn't had much luck since. Maybe the 10th times the charm for him :).

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