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A MEME I can get behind

Amanda over at Mandajuice has a pretty funny list of "totally harmless, yet UNBELIEVABLY ANNOYING things" her husband does which I thought seemed awfully....familiar.

1. Big Daddy has apparently lived his whole life (36 years) without ever learning to close a dresser drawer. Ever. Not one. It's a wonder the damn thing doesn't tip over.
2. He dips Copenhagen [not totally harmless, actually] and spits into empty plastic soda or gatorade bottles (not the annoying part yet) which he then rinses out periodically in the downstairs bathroom sink. Ga-ross. I'm all, throw the damn thing away! God, like there aren't an unending supply of plastic bottles.
3. He'll get undressed anywhere and drop socks, shorts, shirts on the floor right there - living room, bathroom, his office. If he happens to keep his clothing on long enough to make it to the bedroom, he drops them on the floor on his side of the bed. Which happens to be right next to the laundry hamper. Now seriously. Does it take ANY more effort to just drop them in the basket instead of on the floor? NO. IT DOES NOT. But do you think I can get him to do that? NO. I CAN NOT.
4. If the kitchen trash is full, he piles trash on the counter next to it instead of just emptying the trash.
5. In general, he thinks we have a maid to come along behind him and clean up. Dirty dishes? On the counter, or in the sink. Never rinsed and put into the dishwasher.
6. When the doorbell rings he looks at me and asks, "Who is that?" like I'm fucking psychic or something.
7. He listens to the tv soooo loud. And watches movies super loud. And god, don't even get me started on those damn shoot-em-up XBox games. He spends all day on conference calls on the speaker phone in his office which reverberate throughout the house and make it impossible to even watch tv downstairs in the living room. I think he should get his hearing checked. I mean RIDICULOUSLY, MIND-BLOWINGLY LOUD.
8. He sleeps in shifts. OK, not really annoying but weird anyway and I thought you should know. He'll take a three- or four-hour nap around five or six in the evening. Then he gets up and works again and plays XBox and goes back to bed around 3 a.m. for another four- or five-hour shift.
9. He teaches our son names like "cockknocker" which they then call people while they're playing XBox live. Such a good influence.
10. He has absolutely no knowledge - even the slightest sense of - classics.
11. He never makes our bed, annoyance of which is amplified by the fact the "making our bed" involves one step (ONE) - pulling the comforter up over the mattress. It takes less than 15 seconds. And he's almost always the last one out of if (see #8).
12. He doesn't wash his hands NEAR ENOUGH.
13. He drinks ENTIRELY TOO MANY sugar-free Rock Stars. The smell of which is totally nauseating.
14. When I get My Kid up and ready for school, it includes:
-- going in his room and waking him up; rubbing/scratching his back a little to get him going.
-- turning the shower on (his sign to get up)
-- going downstairs to make breakfast (he doesn't eat cereal so this may include scrambling eggs, making french toast, heating up frozen waffles, microwaving bacon.)
-- talking to him and watching the Today show with him while he eats.
-- making sure all school dress codes are applied (this usually involves: "Where's your belt?")
-- helping him get his backpack together (dude, it's insurance. Otherwise who knows what he'd forget.)
-- giving him a hug and kiss goodbye and sending him off with, "Study hard! Learn lots! Make good choices!"
Occasionally, when I was still working, Big Daddy would take on the responsibility of getting My Kid up for school - say, if I was sick, or left before he got up or had the day off or didn't have to get up for some reason. When Big Daddy gets My Kid up for school, it includes:
-- screaming "KID! GET UP!" from his bed until he hears Kid's shower running.
-- going back to sleep
I imagine this is far more annoying to My Kid than it is to me.

Your turn. I dare you.

#6...must be a guy thing. My husband does that too.

But, I'm not married and I don't have a boyfriend and my 16 year old hasn't spoken to me in 17 months.

But I could give you the points of my new boss. He's adorable, charming, honest and he drives me nuts.

1. He's in his office an hour before I get in and he's already had 7 million cups of coffee.

2. He's recently lost a great deal of weight as he's going through a divorce and has given up eating, so while he's talking to me he's constantly tucking in his shirt into his pants. He tucks in at the front. It's unnerving watching my boss putting his hand down his pants.

3. He asks me at least 9 million times per day if I'm happy at my job but when I explain to him that taking 1/2 hour lunch rather than an hour lunch and leaving 1/2 hour earlier as I take three buses to get home would make me happy, he starts panicking.

4. He's even more blunt and to the point than I am. Maybe I needed to work for him to realize how annoying I am to people.

5. He repeats statements over and over again when we're having a conversation.

6. When I listen to his taped minutes from meetings, although he's very smart and articulate, his propensity to repeat things is really noticeable. And because I have to often hit rewind on the tape to grasp concepts and points, I get to him repeat his sentences again and again.

I'm done.

man i could go on and on and on and on with something like this... i totally identify with the clothes being left wherever he decides to strip. i think the most annoying though is that the majority of days my husband is in bed when i leave work and then again when i get home. bastard!

Hello! Very nice blog... Unfortunately I am not married, have no children and I don't live with my Bfriend so can't really relate to the list, but it sure sounds annoying.

Here from Michele's...

I got really ticked off when I read this post because I thought that my husband had another family that he was hiding from me. But I see that there's no mention of watching The Weather Channel ALL the time and every war documentary on the history channel.....so I must be safe....lol!

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