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Catching you up in theoretical bullet points since the real ones don't actually show up

Friday evening was the local PR awards. I saw Snidget there. This was the first time in eight years that I didn't have work entered, but since I'm freelancing, I figured it's important for me to keep my face out there. Amy from my old agency had work entered but no one from the agency - none of her bosses - came with her. I thought that was pretty shitty. So I told her I'd meet her there.

While I was getting ready to go, my phone rang three times - people calling me to tell me the news from the hospital where I used to work. Remember the asshole who was always bad-mouthing me, and then his wife got the director position that was supposed to be my job? They're leaving. Not just leaving the hospital, leaving town. Moving. It occurred to me that after this awards dinner, I'd never have to lay eyes on them again. JOY!

I hadn't been in the room five minutes when someone I know came up to me and said, "I need to know how to get in touch with you. There have been some job opportunities that you'd be perfect for but I didn't know how to reach you." As I gave him my cell number, he told me there's a great job open right now at H------ Corporation. I know this job. This is a REALLY GREAT JOB.

Saturday I lounged around and made a chocolate cake. And updated my resume.

Sunday we went to My Kid's soccer game. I thought I'd wear a little off-the-shoulder top so I could get some sun! Foolishly, I sat out in the mid-day sun with absolutely no sun screen for two hours and ended up quite sunburned....on my left shoulder and down the left shin of my right leg. Swell.

Today I went to my friend Arlene's to lay out. I slathered 30 SPF on the parts that were already burned and this time used 8 SPF over the rest of me. We stayed out several hours. I'm slightly overdone, but not bad. Start of a good tan.

Then I went to the doctor b/c I think I have a kidney infection. It started hurting me Friday evening but I don't have any other symptoms. But the doctor didn't think I have any signs of infection. She thinks I probably have a kidney stone! Oh great! She gave me a script for an antibiotic and said, "If it's an infection, it will get better. If it's a kidney stone, it will get worse."


So I said, "What should I do then?" and she said, "When it gets really bad, go to the hospital."


She said, "Women who have had natural childbirth and kidney stones say the kidney stones are worse. At the hospital they'll give you the good drugs."

I suddenly find myself in the odd position of hoping I have an infection.

Real reassuring words there about the kidney stones. Drink lots of water.

Kidney stones...oh no, I hope you don't have those. Isn't about high time for science to invent a way to break them up really finely by sonar or something??

see, that's exactly what I'm thinking! With all of our technolocial advances, we can't find a way to better treat this than "good drugs" and pain worse than childbirth???

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