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Live Blogging the Super Bowl Ads

I made some chili queso dip, and I bought several large subs from Lenny's when I went out for a coffee earlier today. I heard on the news that more food is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year except Thanksgiving.

Big Daddy & the Kid are watching the game down in his office on the big screen HDTV. So I've got it on up here in my office and I'm trying to finally finish this damn Tom Wolfe book. God I am so never reading him again. It has NEVER taken me this long to read a book. If I just knew if the guy got off or not I'd put it down and forget it. I'm not dying to finish it - I just want to know what FINALLY happens since I've spent forfreakingever leading up to it.

So, ummm, Go 'Hawks, I guess.

OK, on to what we really tuned in for:
The Diet Pepsi ads with Jay Mohr: I like the one with Jackie Chan where he insists on a stunt double and they put in a Diet Coke can. Funny.

Budweiser horses-playing-football: You can always count on these to be good. I liked the "streaker." Very Funny.

MI3: I wish they would quit letting Tom Cruise make movies. Is that Hoffman with him?? Oh, my opinion of him is totally shot now.

Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: I've always liked this campaign. Aren't they missing their target audience advertising during the Super Bowl though?

Ford Hybrid: You must realize that my first love was KERMIT THE FROG. For our tenth anniversary? Big Daddy gave me all the stuffed Muppets characters. So naturally this ad grabbed my heart and refused to let it go.

Shaq for Desperate Housewives: Fast & funny, just the way I like 'em. This was a good ad. I would've been proud to come up with this idea. Bonus points to whoever convinced Shaq to do it.

GoDaddy.com: I don't get it. Then again, when it comes to degrading women as cheap sex objects, I rarely do.

Did I ever tell you about the time I got to watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show rehearsal? Yeah. I was in San Diego for a Super Bowl-related event for my old job. It was me & Chad, one of our videographers. Our event took place on Saturday night, before the game. Saturday afternoon we were at the stadium setting up for our event, which was to be in a big tent on the stadium grounds. Chad & I wandered over into the stadium - on the way we passed these trailors and GWEN STEFANI came out of one of them!! So we go into the stadium, and I don't even remember what kind of credentials we were wearing, but we must've had something on. And there's a lot of comotion and bustling going on on the field. Getting the stage all set up and everything. And there's this big cherry-picker thing. And then someone leads in a huge group of people - young people, all with wristbands on - and sets them up around the foot of the stage. Then what's-her-name....that country singer from Canada....Shania Twain comes out. With some super-high-heeled black boots on that I was TOTALLY coveting. And she sings her song which was apparently called "Up" or something? And in the end she gets into the cherry-picker and it takes her UP over the crowd at the stage. And they do that a few times. And then GWEN comes out and does her song. With these funny-looking Asian cheerleader-looking girls. And then STING comes out and they do a song TOGETHER. And I am sitting right there, in the lower bowl, right in front of the stage and watching all this. And it is so fucking amazing that I just sit there and watch them practice over and over again and I end up waiting WAY too long to go back to the hotel and wash and straighten my hair and put on my LBD for the event. I wait so long that I'm nowhere near ready to leave in time and I tell Chad to take the rental Bronco to the event and start filming and I'll take a cab and I get there late and almost don't have time to interview RICKY WILLIAMS. God, that was a good day.

Back to the Ads:
ABC/Lost: it was kind of cheesey how they worked it into the actual clips, but "gonna have to face it, you're addicted to LOST" was a pretty funny idea, given the outragous popularity of that show.

Ameriquest "Don't Judge": OK, some people get themselves into some embarrassing, albeit somewhat humorous situations, but what are you trying to sell me here? I don't even know what the point of the ad is. If I were to guess, I'd think it was some sort of investment company, but what then am I not supposed to be judging? Ya got me.

H3 "The Little Monster": that was a STRETCH. I hope they didn't pay much for that concept.

CareerBuilder.com: At first I thought the "I work with monkeys" thing was boring and old, since, didn't they unveil that during LAST YEAR'S Super Bowl? But they finally won me over with "It's okay; I actually work with jackasses."

Sprint "Couch on Fire": I gotta admit, this one made me laugh out loud. I totally wasn't expecting the Keystone Cop and the old man in his boxers.

MasterCard "Little Things": Is that MacGyver? He's so old, I hardly recognized him.