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Anybody want to talk about Grey's Anatomy?


Everybody's talking about it. What'd you think?

It was a little too "ER" for me - the thing I like about the show is that it's really about relationships and not really about hospitaly stuff. BUT....I was totally sucked in.

The whole cliff-hanger thing doesn't really annoy me the way it obviously does some people. I'm much more concerned that they'll try to wrap the story up too quickly. No, I'd rather see it go on and on. Like the heart in Titanic.

Now let me back up and tell you that I totally predicted the show. When they kept running the promos during the game with the "code black" I said, "I bet they open a guy up and there's a live bomb in there!" So I was pretty close.

I was so tired and it was so late for me, but no way I could stop watching it. I think that, even with the high-intensity story line, it still WAS about relationships.

I love Bailey. And George. I love George with Bailey.

The scene where the docs kept coming up to the door and saying, "Oh! Bailey's back?" and then looking in the exam room and she was having her cervix examined? God that was hilarious.

Now, I read an interview with Izzie that said one of the characters dies in the new year. Do you think this is it? Well, it can't be Meredith. Or McDreamy. Or Bailey or George or Izzie. And it's not going to be Sandra Oh. So I'm thinking it might be the chief of surgery. Didn't it look like he's going to have a heart attack in the next episode? Or maybe the wife. Or even Alex. They're both getting kind of boring.

If you haven't been there, the Grey's Anatomy writers' blog provides a lot of insight as to what they're thinking and where their inspiration comes from. It's really good.

So....talk amongst yourselves....do you LOVE this show or what???