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Let's look at the bright side here

1. I'm not the family's sole (or even main) breadwinner.
2. And Big Daddy's got a good job.
3. I qualify for unemployment now.
4. Which I've never gotten before.
5. I can be a statistic that contributes to making the Bush presidency look bad.
6. I have new opportunities!
7. To pursue other endeavors!
8. It was nothing I did.
9. It was business, not personal.
10. It wasn't just me.
11. They let three people go.
12. The other girl is a single mom.
13. And the guy is the head of a department.
14. In his 60s.
15. They cut from the top.
16. I have marketable skills.
17. I feel pretty confident that something better will come along.
18. And Big Daddy says we're going to be OK financially until that happens.
19. I don't feel completely hopeless.
20. I didn't drink.

The main thing I'm worried about now is how to access my iTunes account from a computer other than my work laptop. Anyone?