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I'm sure you all have been dying to know what was in the Coach boxes on Christmas morning. Well, I was a little surprised by what Big Daddy picked out. I was expecting, by the size of the boxes, a wallet and a bag.

I opened the small box first. It wasn't a wallet at all. No, it was an adorable black quilted silk wristlet with a fur collar.

I really like it a lot, although I'm not sure how often I could use it, given that I don't really do galas anymore in my new job. Or cocktail parties. Or clubs.

So then I opened the larger box. Imagine my surprise to find a larger hand-bag version of the same purse.

(Sorry for the weird coloring. My camera phone has started doing that if I take one photo too soon after another. Don't know why.)

Now I just really don't know about this one. Because it's not really sturdy enough for every day use - I'm pretty hard on my bags, actually. It is cute, though.

So then Big Daddy says to me, "You can exchange them if you want. If you return them both, you can get any bag in their line."

Which leads me to my dilemma. I would like a nice new black leather Coach bag. Something like, this, say. But I'd also like to keep the wristlet (as impractical as it may be).

Then this morning, Big Daddy suggested (a little buyer's remorse for how much money he spent, I imagine) that I could simply return the bags and order something online. Something not available here in town. Something on sale. Like this, say. Which isn't on sale, but is very cute and is also probably about half of what he spent at Coach.

So I'm going to do a little online window shopping and see what I find out there. More posts with lots of links to come, I'm sure.