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so...so tired

I am so tired of it all. I'm so tired of everyone having a political opinion on this everywhere I go. I can't even get a manicure without some little half-wit having some opinion on the event.

Your advice to stop watching the coverage came like an early warning system. Three days later I am sick, sick, sick of hearing everyone's personal opinion on the New Orleans mayor.

Today I received an email that Shelley's parents have survived. Somehow, I feel like a chapter is closed for me. Like I really don't need to know anything beyond that. Tonda & Norman were my second parents in high school. I lived with them when I had no where else to go. They were the best, too. Thank whatever god you worship that they've survived. Shook up, yes. But alive and well.

I don't want to debate the politics of New Orleans anymore. I hate that my home in Mississippi was hit the hardest, and yet they're practically off the radar b/c of the madness in New Orleans.

I love the city of New Orleans in a way that a person probably shouldn't feel for a city. A columnist in USA Today wrapped it up for me in his column "Let's Hope the Good Times Roll Again." Even when I was a non-drinker I felt that New Orleans had so much more than "good times" to offer - the history, the art, the architecture, the food, the music...

I don't want to think about the tragedy of New Orleans anymore. I'm grateful that things are improving and things are getting better. I'm tired...so tired of talking about it. Debating it. Everyone trying to one-up everyone else with their personal attachment to it.

My Kid told me that 100 kids from New Orleans are coming to his school. I've emailed his principal to ask is anyone is organizing to collect school supplies for these kids. I'm just trying to focus my brain on helping.