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Here's the part I just do not understand

How do you know that a Category 5 hurricane is headed toward one of your major cities, and not start mobilizing relief efforts immediately? Before it hits even. I simply can not comprehend that.

I do blame our federal government. Now you all know that I'm hardly a fan of our president. And I'm not saying that a democrat would have done any better. I am saying that I think his efforts and his attentions are so focused overseas and his pet war that he's just not taking care of his own people at home. The people that elected him.

How can it be A WEEK LATER and Congress is just now passing a relief bill? HOW? I find this completely unacceptable. That should have been done as the storm was coming ashore, and food and help should have been arriving the very next day.

I just don't understand why we weren't better prepared. Didn't we learn ANYTHING from 9-11? What the hell is wrong with our country? With our leaders? How can they be so nonchalant about this? God, these are people's lives they're fucking with.