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In the spirit of not burying the lead: I had 4 inches cut off my hair today.

It's still below my shoulders. Right below. Right kind of at-below my shoulders.

I'm sure you're wondering what brought this on. Yesterday I participated in my first pitch for a new client. It was a big deal. Where five of us sit up at the front of the room on stools and do a rehearsed presentation about our agency's capabilities.

I dressed in a khaki suit and a fushia tailored dress shirt with French cuffs. I hot-rolled my hair to give it some body and I was so disappointed with the results. It was just so big and so...much. It did not look professional at all. It didn't even look good for a non-professional situation. It was just big and all-around crappy. I ended up pulling it back in a ponytail and I called the salon on the way to the pitch and made an appointment for a cut.

He cut off 4 inches and he shortened my layers (it's stack-layered).

I'm not sure how I like it yet b/c I had him dry it and it's always so puffy when he blows it out. I'm sure it will be better when I fix it myself.

1. I can still pull it back in a ponytail.
2. I can put it up in a French twist (before, it used to flip back over again)
3. I can still wear it curly.
4. Or I can continue to straighten it.
5. I can hot roll it with decent results.
6. It won't take as long to dry.
7. It looks more professional.
8. But I can still make it fun & sexy, too.

1. I can't tie it in a knot like on the Pantene commercial
2. I won't be able to use it to cover my nipples when I dress as Lady Godiva for Halloween
3. I'll no longer be able to use my long hair to convince hot young cabana boys that I'm only 24.
4. Certain styles - such as the "I Dream of Jeannie" look - are out.

So you can see, there was no reason NOT to cut it. So off it came.