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Working at home today

I have this monotonous computer work to do to change allllll these set-up details to the technical system I am charged with implementing (I need a cool project name for it like Helen's Project Rocket-Riding Gerbil). So I'm working from home today b/c 1) it's an online system and I can, 2) I had no meetings on my schedule, and 3) I figured I could knock out a lot more of it if I could work uninterrupted. And I can. Have. Am.

And it's great b/c even us chi-chi girls like to sit around in our PJs with our hair up in a scrunchie once in a while.

But damn. It is HARD to stay on your diet when you're home alone all day! What I've eaten today that is totally NOT South Beach-approved:

1. Frosted Mini-Wheats
2. Goldfish crackers
3. Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookies

(Remember that old commercial? "How can I have a NUTTER butter peanut butter sandwich cookie when I haven't had ONE yet?" Yes, I'm almost 40. WHAT OF IT???)

Dude, I am going to be so FAT by the end of the week if I keep this up.