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See how quickly I go back to being petty?

Ugg. I have so much to bitch about today. Thank GOD you're here.

My morning started out in utter chaos. I was supposed to conduct a training class at 8:30 a.m. for my Project That Needs a Name, only I was stuck in traffic on Walnut Grove for like 40 minutes this morning, so I was late. THEN, it turns out when I got here, I'd somehow cancelled the meeting from everyone's calendar so no one came anyway! And one girl? She's in Cabo San Lucas or somewhere very tropical and romantic like that anyway.

And now? Someone is eating their lunch at their desk. I think it might be some sort of soup that they heated up in the micro. But boy does it smell RIPE. Yuck.

The girl next to me plays her music too loud. If you're going to listen to music in a cube, use headphones. (OK, I only occasionally hear it, but whatever. Blah blah blah bitch moan.)

Still waiting on a phone call on that BIG THING that I can't tell you about until I at least get this one more phone call.

My Kid is sick and I think he may have missed his first day of TCAP's yesterday which will probably prevent him from passing the 6th grade or at the very least get one or both of us yelled at by the teacher.

I forgot to turn my ringer back on after the funeral Saturday so I've missed several business calls this morning.

We were supposed to have a conference call today about this TV show that we have a storyline on that's coming up very soon but all of a sudden the shit is hitting the proverbial fan b/c the highest of the highest-ups at the hospital didn't approve the script (yeah, someone else's responsibility - not this babe) and now they want to maybe change it?? But the show has gone on hiatus and there is no crew and there will be no edits and NO WAY we're going to ask them to PULL THEIR SHOW (please!) so we may just get hit with some consequences that our hospital is not physically capable of sustaining. And it should all get real freaking interesting between now and May 9th. I'm just sayin...

This Friday is the local PR awards and two - TWO! - of my projects are up for "Best in Show." OK, I'm not bitching about that b/c that is very cool especially since NONE of my projects have EVER been up for best in show. And I really, really want to WIN. I am a little concerned however that I won't be able to fit into my dress given all the cheating I have done to my diet in the last week. So now everyone, please take this moment to close your eyes, and visualize me looking great in my dress, standing in front of the entire Memphis PR community and thanking them for this prestigious honor...DO IT. I MEAN IT.