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I just watched this movie, after the DVD sat on my coffee table for about two weeks. I finally got around to it because SOMEONE SMASHED INTO THE BACK OF MY CAR ON FRIDAY AND CAUSED ABOUT $3,000 WORTH OF DAMAGE NOT TO MENTION THE EXTREME ACHES AND PAINS IN MY BACK AND NECK TODAY. So, while Big Daddy kindly took my sad Maxima to the body shop and picked up my Dodge(?) from the car rental, I settled down with lots of pillow, a heating pad and the Alfie DVD.

Here are my thoughts:
1) When my father (who grew up in D.C.) took my mother (who grew up in Louisiana) on one of their first dates to see Gone with the Wind, she amazed him by not knowing that the south lost the Civil War. And also by being able to recite so many of Scarlett's lines right along with her.

I thought of this because this was the first movie in my recollection that I've been able to claim recitation of lines along with the main character...who happened to be a womanizing British male in Manhattan??? Go figure.

2) I don't understand why Nia Long isn't considered among THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD. I think she is utterly breath-taking.

3) I felt like it was necessary to relate to one of the women in the movie. To "be" one of them the way I was always "Jan" and my sister was "Marcia" when we watched The Brady Bunch in primetime as children. The young mom (Marisa Tomei)? The wild, crazy, sexy, fun, manic Nikki (Jude Law's real-life girlfriend Sienna Miller)? The sexy, successful older woman (Susan Sarandon)? I couldn't make a final decision since the disc fucked up at the end and I never got to see who he ended up with.