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Hwy. 78 hmmmm's

Things one contemplates while driving to Tupelo, Mississippi:

  • If you are applying for an on-air job at a classical music radio station, one of the interview questions should be to pronounce the word "pianist" to make sure it doesn't sound like "penis."
  • Two trailer-homes next to each other on the side of the highway: one, a Pentecostal church; the other, a fireworks stand. Coincidence or relationship?
  • Do plastic flowers on the side of the highway in the shape of a wreath or a cross really make people drive any safer?
  • Is there some kind of ordinance that requires all seafood restaurants in the state of Mississippi to have huge catfish on their signs? Like, HUGE. Like, three-times the size of my car. Which, BTW, is actual size of catfish in the state of Mississippi, I believe.
  • Tupelo, please quit trying to claim Elvis. He was from "MEN-phus." End of story. So knock it off.
  • And lastly, how did I end up in a career that keeps requiring me to show up at THREE A.M.???