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Oh, shit.

College Boy just told us that he's moving to Nashville.

I guess he's not happy here. He finished school and he's got himself a half-ass job. He's decided that if his dad's going to pay his way, he'd rather try to make it in Nashville. (Little did I know that he had a full time job and his dad is STILL paying his way.)

So I guess we're going to sell the other house. I don't see why not. Big Daddy, he's all wrapped up in a lot more serious considerations. I don't know, taxes and shit. Plus, he's probably stressing over the fact that his only friend is leaving town.

I forget that we own two houses. Surely selling it will relieve some pressure on us, on Big Daddy. It's a great neighborhood for starter houses. Houses by the university don't stay on the market long. So I'm sure we'll sell it and all will be well. Then we can take the $$ and buy a BEACH HOUSE IN FLORIDA.

Yeah, right.