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Me, I care more about the BORN

Ever since they started construction on part of the highway by my office, I started getting off at an earlier exit and driving through a part of town that not a lot of white girls will drive through. It's not a big deal to me. I just don't buy into the idea that all black people are dangerous and just waiting to rape me, kill me and steal my stereo. Anyway, I drive with my doors locked no matter what neighborhood I'm in. So no big deal.

At one major intersection in this part of town there's this bench painted with the message "JESUS LOVES UNBORN CHILDREN." And it just annoys the hell out of me. I always want to come by with a can of spray paint and replace "unborn" with "welfare." Mac had a post yesterday about how the pro-lifers don't seem to care much about what happens to the baby once it's born.

You don’t see anti-abortion protestors making any noise at all when a three month old baby is abused and then left to die by his parents. He was born, and that’s all any of them seem to care about. The kid is on his own when he leaves the womb. That’s not their jurisdiction.
That's what annoys me so about the message on that bench. This is a neighborhood of extremely poor, mostly black people. Certainly I am NOT saying that they shouldn't have kids because they're poor or black. Not what I mean at all. Just that I'd hate to see some poor pregnant teenage girl having a baby she can not afford and starting the child out on a cycle of poverty and welfare because JESUS LOVES UNBORN CHILDREN.