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SHOES! Glorious Shoes!

(A new *twist* on the song from Oliver. Geddit? TWIST??)

So I got ambitious last night and I tried to collect my shoes and line them up in my closet. This is what I came up with:

Some time ago, I confiscated these two bookshelves from My Kid's bedroom and used them to house my shoes. As you can see, they're not near enough. What I need is built-in shelves going all the way up the wall.

You'll also see that my closet's not so organized and neat afterall. Just look at all that junk piled up on the floor on the left. What is all that shit? Who knows. And you should see the huge pile of wire hangers from the cleaners that's just out of view of the camera.

Alright, lay into me now. Really let me have it! I know, I'm a spoiled rotten bitch shoe snob. Sad thing is, this doesn't even seem like that many to me now that I'm looking at them.

Hey Amazing collections!!!!!How you Mingle with Caterpillar shoes??????the pics are really Excellent!!!cute...

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