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The Friday Five

Please post your responses in the comments section

1. In what city (town) were you born?
Washington, D.C.

2. What was your impression of the largest city you've ever visited?
I *heart* NY. I thought it was fascinating and energizing and I'd love to spend much, much more time there. The few times I've been I haven't gotten to see NEAR enough of it.

3. What city are you just dying to visit?
Venice, Italy

4. If all barriers were removed, what city would you live in?
New York, or Paris (the barriers to that being, of course, if my French were better and if I weren't American and if the French wouldn't hate me and if I could afford to buy couture.)

5. What one thing would you do to change or improve the city you live in now?
Public transportation. I would put in a train or subway from way out east all the way to downtown.