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I like calling it Futbol. It's so...European.

This weekend soccer started back. My Kid is totally a head and shoulders taller than every kid on the team. I had no idea. Well I had some idea since the pants I had to buy him for school are size 18. But I wasn't expecting the other kids to look so little.

My Kid plays forward and if any of you have any advice for: 1) how to keep him energized through an entire game, or 2) how to teach him to think fast and, say dribble the ball down the field when there's no one in front of him to pass it to, that would be great. Because I, myself, never played soccer. Or any sport for that matter. So I'm no help at all. Not that he would listen to me if I did try to help. Being 12 and all.

So it was the first game (and they'd only had one practice, even) and I try to be an involved mom and cheer them from the bleachers, but of course I don't know any of the kids' names yet. I was sitting next to one mom whose son had been on this team in the spring. (We registered too late to get My Kid back on his same team, but that's OK because that team never won and he probably didn't want to be on it anyway.) This lady knew some of the kids. I kept trying to figure out which one was Wyatt because she kept yelling his name over and over so I figured whoever he is, he must have the ball A LOT. About three-quarters of the way through the game I finally realized that she was cheering for the team in the WHITE jerseys.