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Have you ever boycotted an artist?

Whitney Matheson asked today: Have you ever boycotted an artist?

I admit: I have.

I consider myself an open-minded liberal. I'm all about the free speech and everyone's right to voice their opinion. So if I don't like Bill O'Reilly, then I just don't turn on Fox News. See how that works? You don't like my blog, you click the little red X in the corner.

But now BOYCOTT. That's taking an active roll. That's me using the almighty dollar to send a message to someone who depends on the public's support for their livelihood. And I have taken that step. Twice, in fact. You can probably guess who it is. But it wasn't a sudden decision on my part. I didn't wake up to Mel Gibson's mug shot and decide to fuck all. Although Tom Cruise's downfall was pretty speedy.

See, both of them preceded their bigoted statements with really bizarre, insane behavior. So like Mel, I started to not like the guy when he made that religious movie. I totally respect his right to make the religious movie; I respect your right to go and see it if you want. But all those interviews he did at that time. He acted like he was off his medication. He said things like that his wife who has borne him seven (SEVEN!) children won't go to heaven with him b/c she's not Catholic. He wouldn't say that he supports his father's holocaust denial, but he did say "The man's never lied to me." These things made me start thinking, "Man. What a lunatic."

So when he gets caught drinking and driving and then starts spouting his anti-Semitic ire, and every media outlet on TV is reminding me that the same accusations were flung around his little religious movie, then I decide, "That's it. No more of my money is going in that asshole's pocket."
If he ever does work in this town again, I won't pay to see it.

Tom has a similar story. I think I stopped liking him around 1989. The other alien-worshippers don't annoy people with their proselytizing. He seemed to be going off the deep end, but even the couch jumping incident wouldn't really call for a boycott. It wasn't until he made those inappropriate and judgmental comments about Brooke Shield's PPD that I said, "That's it. He's outta here." I think I might have also said, "Bastard."

You want to use your celebrity as a sounding board to state your political opinions, I don't really see that as a reason to boycott your artistry. Even if I don't like your political stance, I'll still listen to your music if it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

I know there are a lot of performers out there who have said and done reprehensible things, but I don't actively boycott them. I don't have to. Emenim's a homophobe? Nice. I don't listen to his stuff anyway.

With Mr. Cruise and Mr. Gibson, I have made the conscious decision to deny them my financial support. I don't think their bigoted statements make them any better or worse than directors who marry their stepdaughters, singers who have sex with underage girls, or actors who slap around their wives. But I find their opinions so appalling and damaging to our society that I think they should be forced to go away and live in a cave forever.

Have you ever boycotted an artist?

Good points...

I may not "boycott" per se, but there are a couple "starlets" that I do not like nor will support - Paris Hilton for one (she's a socialite for cryin' out loud whose vocals have to be scrubbed! People went to see her movie to see her get killed - great acting, ya think?) and J-Lo. I'm not really a big fan of those that go to visit our troops overseas and use it for a photo op *cough cough* J-Lo and soon - Lindsay Lohan *cough cough* and honestly don't give a *@*# about the soldiers.

I'm pretty bad where I look at the publicist behind the "brand" and wonder "how could you ETHICALLY represent so and so". Then again - that's why they get the big bucks and have to spin Paris out of hellholes in a deposition and are on retainer to get their client on the tabloids every day because, god forbid, their client doesn't get ink for *getting privacy* at the Ivy. Cryin' out loud - everyone knows you only go to the Ivy to see and be seen.

Ok - I'm done ranting :) But seriously I'm with ya on not putting a dime in those two actors' pockets - it will hit them where it counts most in their world - the wallet - because after the day is done, they still have to pay their staff (home & office), agent, lawyer, manager, publicist, publicist's assistant, business manager, and so on and so on.

Watch Entourage come out with an ep. referencing these two crazy idiots.

*jumps off soapbox*

It drives me crazy that those two actually have enough clout for us to pay attention to their opinions. They're actors, how do they know what they're talking about? xoxo

Never boycotted an artist, but I have boycotted my favorite local farm stand that sells veggies & flowers this summer. The owner was a total jackass to me a few months back, which violates the "customer is always right" rule. I've told everyone I know and there are others that avoid them now too. Sucks because I really like the place!

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